OH NO news from Paris

  1. As some of you may know I am going insane waiting for my grey patchwork denim speedy, I even passed on a blue one beacuse I'm waiting for grey.

    I can't get to the store that often so I keep checking each week is it in yet?........is it in yet?.........is it in yet?........is it in YET?!?!

    I must be driving my store insane,

    anyway I found out today that news from Paris Grey patchwork as been put on hold indefinately ...it is still coming but as yet there is no idea when.

    I think I am going to :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. ***HUGS*****

    You'll get your loverly sometime soon!
  3. Aww...sorry to hear that. I wonder what the reason is...production problems perhaps?
  4. Aww that sucks. Good luck though!
  5. sorry to hear about the disappointing news Label Addict. hope the indefinite hold will only be short term one.
  6. what??? I saw one on eBay yesterday....
  7. awwwww... I hope you'll get it soon *crosses fingers, toes, and legs for ya*
  8. I think maybe a few stores in US got a couple of bits & pieces but the UK hasn't had any yet (in the grey anyway)
  9. awwwww well i hope u get it SOON! I absoutely looooove the grey! :heart:
  10. oh no! i hope you get it soon!
  11. Oh no, that's awful, the wait!
  12. Oh no! How come the grey has been put on hold?
  13. :crybaby: Oh no! I'm so sorry and I hope you get one soon!

  14. Production problems I guess :shrugs:
  15. Oh no what horrible news!

    Hopefully, it will be a short wait.