Oh No!!! My Wysteria Spy Is Falling Apart!!!!

  1. hi girls. unfortunately, i'm back on the fendi thread again with yet another problem with my wysteria spy. i had posted about a month ago regarding the oil stain on my spy and how the fendi SAs at my local fendi refused to help me because i did not purchase my bag from them (i purchased it from Saks). anyhow, the screw that attaches the strap to the secret pocket came loose today and it's nowhere to be found! i'm so depressed..... i don't even want to deal with those no good SAs at fendi after my last horrible experience there. the SA might say something ridiculous again like "it gives the bag character!". i've also noticed my bag "sqeaks" and the cap on the lil secret "pill box" is loose and will open up by itself sometimes. that's some crappy*ss craftmanship on a $3000 bag if u ask me!!! :rant: :censor: :rant:
    fendi spy strap 1.jpg
  2. That happened to mine also. The screw came out of mine and I brought it back to Fendi and they had to send it out for repair. The pill closure on mine was supposed to be repaired also and it came back still openning. I just can not beleive for the price of these bags how cheap the hardware is made. Let us know how you make out.
  3. I had a problem with one of my Spy bags, with the cap coming open to the Spy compartment. I ended up using superglue to keep it shut. It doesn't open now, but I don't think I really needed that compartment, so that is what I did.
    I agree with you, Fendi Spy bags are not really that good at taking any wear and tear and I am gentle with my other ones now. Unfortunately, that is ridiculous for $3000. If you are near a Fendi I would ask them to fix it.
  4. You could try calling Fendi on 5th ave in NYC and see what they can do. The SA I used about 2 weeks ago was Amanda. I bought a Petrol Spy from her on July 30th. You could say Kathy from PA recommended I call. I don't know if she will remember, but it might help.
  5. I am so sorry you are having these problems - hopefully you will figure it out. I thought Fendi would stand behind all of their bags, even if purchased at department stores.
  6. OMG! I would be so pissed!!! What is up with all the Fendi's falling apart?! For $3000 they should last a lifetime. I'm sorry this happened to you, hopefully someone will be really apologetic and fix it for you with the quickness.
  7. omg!!!!!!!! notttt coooooooooool! you need to go to Fendi ASAP!!!!!!!!
  8. So sorry that you have had all of those problems! I think from all we have seen, the Spy is definitely a high-maintenance bag. The squeaking seems to be a common thing due to the metal-on-metal. I would just contact a Fendi boutique and ask them to please order you the missing screw. They will hopefully not make such a big deal out of that request. As for the loose pill box--ugh!--I don't know what to suggest about that!
  9. I am sorry you have so much problem with your spy. I would be so mad too if that happens to me. I would take the bag back to the Fendi or the Store where you bought them and demand it to be repaired or replaced. I have two spies bags and I am lucky I haven't encountered any problem yet! And I hope I won't have any.
  10. I would also be terribly upset! I have the Wisteria too and would freak out!!!! I really think it is bad luck or bad lots of these spy's. All of my spy bags (3) have been worn well and have not encountered these problems. I am ROUGH with them. Go back to FENDI with it immediately! :wtf:
  11. wow, i'm shocked! i hope you can get it fixed, such a bad quality! good luck!
  12. :sad: Sorry to hear about your Spy...I have also had problems with the cap coming undone and managed to stop it opening by just tapping the lip of the compartment lid with my hairbrush (it was the only tool to hand!) so that the lid could grip the rim of the compartment properly. It seems to have worked and it hasn't opened again since! I also had the screw of the handle come loose and managed to tighten it in time before it fell off! Fendi need to be able to fix any problems that we have with our bags, especially with the price we pay for them!
  13. Thats awful - whatever your previous experience was you need to go back!!!:yes:
  14. good news: i found the missing screw!!!! actually, my husband did. it was on the carseat!! i always put my bag on the passenger side carseat when i drive and somehow this past monday night, the screw mysteriously unscrewed itself and fell out onto the seat! strange...... i'm just glad i don't have to stress over dealing with those stupid fendi SA's anymore. YAY!!!! ladies: make sure u check ur screws!!!
  15. :wtf: Omg!!