Oh no, my new Declics must go :(

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  1. Well after getting out of the hospital Monday, I was feeling well enough to go pick up my Nude Declics at NM. I got the size 41, and was SO excited. I have been just giddy about them for the past few days.

    But NOW, I have to get rid of them, because DF and I realized that we are getting married in a month and a half and we havent got enough money for it! I listed them on ebay, do you think they will sell? I only put it for a 5 day, so that I have time to retun them. Are these are highly coveted shoe? Natural Gas Girl has a pair up right now too, but no one has bid on them :sad:. I guess I will just return them if they dont sell. :crybaby:

    Im super sad. I loved them. But I need a pair of shoes to wear in my wedding, and those 5" heels are not going to do it! My DF is 6'1, and I am 6'3 in those heels! D'oh! :wtf:

    As soon as I can find a cute outfit to put together I will take some modelling pics of my NP leopard pony hair and my black patent Yasmines. Those suckers are SEXY. when I tried on the Yasmines my DF's face got this odd look on it, and then he chased me around the house. It was fun. :love:
  2. Could you still return them to NM, or have you worn them already? I would think they would sell on ebay, but you never know. If they were black and in my size I'd buy them.
  3. It might be a better move to just return them than to sell them; at least you are guaranteed to get the exact money you paid for it back.
    After eBay fees and PayPal fees, you don't want to be caught short--that is, if you need to sell them above retail.
  4. I need to at least get my money back. If they go for more, then yippee. If they dont sell then I will return them. I'm actually really sad over having to sell them.
  5. On a better note, glad your feeling better & out of the hospital!
  6. Welcome home!
  7. I am so sorry you can't keep them.

    I would suggest you go ahead and return them as they are on the Barney's and NM website in the nude right now. It is not like they are a discontinued or hard to find shoe.

    Since they are so available, maybe you can get them after the wedding.
  8. I hope I can get them after the wedding. They are still up at NM and Barneys but they dont have a 41 up there, so perhaps that will work in my favor. I am negotiating for a pair of patent yoyos which are my HG shoes, so if I return these then i can get those, and they will be cheaper and my DF will *maybe* let me keep them. I just GOTTA get something I can wear under my dress! These made me waaay too tall.

    But yes I am happy to be home and feeling better now, but now I am sad for my shoes going away. :crybaby:
  9. Sorry you've got to let them go. I would just return them to the store because it is too nervewracking to wait to see if any item will sell and if so, will I get my money back.
  10. :roflmfao::okay::woohoo::woohoo:

    and finally


    I love running around the house!
  11. I"m getting married next week!! I feel your pain :sad:. But, think of it this way. You'll probably get money at your wedding and you can get a pair after!!! :smile: I would just return them to Neiman's because they aren't hard to find. I know this is going to work out for the best for you :smile: So happy to hear you feel better!!
  12. Well so I ended my auction and just returned them. NM had NOTHING that I liked, so I got my cash and went to Saks. Omg what a smart move!! They had exactly ONE pair of Black kid VPs with burgundy tip, and it was MY SIZE!! I snapped them up so fast!
    I also ordered the yoyo 110 in nude patent, which is my HG shoe! I am SO happy I took the Declics back! I am wearing the VPs today, and they fit me so well its like they are an extension of my leg! LOVE! I AM IN LOVE!
  13. Congrats! I'm so glad it worked out for you. Congrats on your upcoming wedding too!

    You are going to LOVE the yoyo 110 in nude patent too! :smile:
  14. That shoe is what made me fall in love with Louboutins. I saw them on Reese Witherspoon and told myself "Self, that is the epitome of the perfect shoe. You must have them."
    So my journey began. I did not want to buy the overpriced ones on Ebay, so I have literally gone to the Galleria every week to see if they had ANY available. They never did. FINALLY yesterday I saw them and told the SA that I must have them, no matter what the obstacles. So he ordered the LAST pair at another store, and I should have them this week!
    Im soooo happy!
  15. Well, congrats on both the black kid VP and the nude yoyo! Those are both fine, fine purchases which are essentials in a CL collection. If you still want to get the Declics at a later time both NM and Barneys SF have them in store, so between their inventories there's a good chance your size will turn up.