OH NO! My entire listing is STOLEN.. and that Thief has Claimed my name in listing!!!

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  1. This has never happened to me, I have just started selling these cosmetic sets around 3 weeks ago, and NO BODY ever copied mine...

    but ...5 minutes ago, I was notified by somoone that this Seller: nick_goldie has listed the EXACT ITEM & BONUS BEAUTY SAMPLES of mine 3 hours ago
    omg,, he COPIED ENTIRE LISTING without changing a Word or a picture !!! And this Thief Seller also dares to add "DESCRIPTION AND PICTURE PROVIDED BY:beautyexpertise" without asking for my permission !!!!!!

    Here is my original Auction which ended on Nov 18th (#270054107115):
    eBay: Estee Lauder Blockbuster Makeup Kit Case Set Lot 2006 (item 270054107115 end time Nov-18-06 16:03:28 PST)

    Here is the STOLEN LISTING posted 3 hours ago: (#290057122925):
    eBay: Estee Lauder Blockbuster Makeup Set Lot 2006 NEW!!NR (item 290057122925 end time Dec-07-06 18:39:22 PST)

    I haven't contacted that Stealing seller, but I don't know whether I should confront him/her ....

    WHAT SHOULD I DO ??? HELP PLEASE!!!!!:cursing:
  2. I would report them right away. At the bottom of the listing under 'what else can you do' is a 'report this item' link. If you report it tonight the listing will probably be gone by the morning.
    Some sellers are so cheeky!
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks Wesiegirl, I just did with the Live Help!

    could anyone please help reporting this in order to remove the Stolen Listing please ???

  4. I know when I have reported stolen listing before it can take anything from 8-24 hrs for it to be removed. I don't think other sellers can report it as stolen only the original owner. Click on the link below and click on report.

    Item Description and Picture Theft
  5. i m juz so angry that how others can be so selfish ???? i m actually worried about people who will eventually win this auction, 'coz what are they gonna get ???
  6. How awful for you! If you report to ebay, I'm sure they'll take care of it... what a jerk!
  7. The seller of the fake auction has their phone number up. I would call them and scare them. j/k I would contact the person who stole the auction. Also, you should watermark your items next time. You live and learn.
  8. Thanks for the advice!

    Should I contact the Bidders personally and tell them about the stolen listing ? I remember reading here somewhere that sometimes the bidders are Friends of the Sellers and it wouldn't be wise to contact them

    Any thoughts ?
  9. Yikes how horrid for you.....Ebay will act pretty quickly I think, this guy should get suspended and hopefully kicked off Ebay......Either he has the same kit as you and just is too lazy to make the listing or it definitely is a scam.....the cheek!!!!

  10. You can definitely e-mail them and ask they not copy your wording and take your pictures.

    This happened to me once and ebay removed the listing in about 2 days.

    Hope it all works out!
  11. I personally wouldn't get involved....let Ebay deal with it.......I know you're not meant to contact other ebayer's if there is no connection or listing (which I think is a silly rule)
  12. Someone used my account to post a bike and I hadn't no idea where it came from??? I reported it and changed my user name and password. It's fine now. I don't know what's wrong with eBay recently. It had never happened before.
  13. a) ebay will not recessarily take it down. keep reporting it.
    b) yes other people can report it as a stolen description besides the seller they stole from.
    c) some people will send a pp invoice to the stealing seller for money to pay for the pics and description. some of the offenders have actually paid! otherwise some have taken it down. i don't know that i have the you know whats to do that but i know i have seen it happen.

    i'm sorry this happened to you. i found out today someone stole part of my description on a piece of jewlery and i'm P.Oed times ten. they have been reported. we'll see what happens. sucks to be them if it's taken down because they have over 1k in bids.

    and your seller has some kind of you know what's to actually USE YOUR NAME in his auction. what a you know what.
  14. I had a buyer who won an item of mine, they then re-listed it themselves a week later, took my pictures and stated they had bought the item months beforehand for alot of money.:confused1:

    I asked them politely to not use my pictures, and reported them to Ebay, but the listing stayed active..:cursing:

    I would definitely report the seller and contact the seller direct, it sounds to me like this seller is too lazy to make their own listing!!

    Good luck:heart:
  15. i recently had a buyer do that too. she never asked- just used the whole listing. i have branded myself with my pics (they are pretty specific) and if she had asked i would have let her use them but she didn't. so she was reported. i'm a ps and when i finally went to live help from the ps page it was taken down. she relisted 2 days later with new pics and snarky comments about how she had her listing taken down for borrowing pics blah blah blah. oh well.