Oh No.... My Beloved Ava!!!!

ali w

Nov 29, 2006
So Ava arrived 15min ago and I'm so sad:crybaby:. I'm thinking maybe I should of went with the first Ava I wanted, she's not as large of a bag as I am use too. But thats not the worst part, there are dark lines in the leather, I don't know if thats natural to the leather or if it's been used, the hardware has already began to change colors, and there's a light spot in the front of the bag:wtf:. Not to mention there's a small pin mark in the front also.
I am so disapointed, I was so excited about this bag coming and now I want to cry.
My computer is not allowing me to download pics from my camara so I will try to post pics from my phone.
I don't know what to do. I believe this is the last antelope available and I refuse to pay $1200 for a bag thats not brand new.

Cat and llson are there dark lines and small black spots in your bag and how does the hardware look? TIA...
Sorry I can't resize the pics, this is the best I can do with a cell phone, I hope you can see it. I just realized as I was taking the pic that the leather peace that goes on the inside zipper is missing:cursing:

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment but I certainly understand why you are feeling that way.
The leather on my bag looks fine,no dark lines or spots.

The hardware on the bag is oxidizing a bit but a bit brass cleaner brings it right back to a polished shine.

I know how much you like the style of this bag but if I had received one in that condition it would get sent back.Sounds like the bag you received may have been a floor sample.
Let us know what you decide.BTW,did you get the large version?
Yeah it's the large. I know its suppose to have the vintage look but this is just ridiculous. Does your inside zipper have the the leather tie on the ring?
So sorry to hear about your bag, I know how disappointing this must be. My hardware has some oxidization, but as Cat mentioned, it should clean up. There is some 'distressing' of the leather, which at first looked like minor spots, but realized that this must be the final step in the 'distressing' process (like a darker glaze, maybe??) Mine does have the zipper pull inside, as well as outside.
The Saks, Orlando - FL Mall, had another large one in antelope when I purchased mine on Tues., but I noticed as I was looking at it, there were imperfections. I do think some imperfections are characteristic of the leather treatments, but if it is too obvious, find another one, then return it. Or........call where you purchased and ask for a deeper discount. Good luck, this is such a beautiful bag and I don't think there were too many of the large.
They don't have any more in that color only the moka, but I really don't need another brown bag. The color is gorgeous but the more I look at it the more spots I find. I called and spoke with the SA and he said all of their antilope bags look this way. I thought it came with the leather inside mine is missing. I spoke with the SA I use at 59th street store in New York and she said she has one and the leather is perfect no variations and definately no black lines and spots.
Ahhhh, Alli- I am so sorry! I"m disappointed for you!:sad: You should send it back if you are that unhappy, it is an expensive bag and it shouldn't have that many defects. Why don't you try calling Toni- the SA at Nordies in MOA that helped me. She is great!!!! Would you believe she even tracked down a Muscade Python Silverado for me. I'm sure she could help you find your Ava. I"m so bummed for you.
Yeah it's the large. I know its suppose to have the vintage look but this is just ridiculous. Does your inside zipper have the the leather tie on the ring?

Your bag is suppose to have the leather tie attached to the inside zipper.Have you contacted them regarding this matter?They would definitely be hearing from me and fast.I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you can find another one in better condition.
Thanks guys :heart:for all of your suggestions and understanding my pain:crybaby:.
I'm debating on whether I should get the one from new york or give up. At this point I feel like I just don't want any at all. But I'm sure once this mood wears off I will want the other bag. However, I don't know that I can take having another disappointment, but Mara assured me the bag was in pristine condition:shrugs:. I guess I will sleep on it.
That's what I was going to say- Sleep on it and see how you feel tomorrow. However, my experience with sleeping on it had me dreaming about Chloe bags all night;).
I'm sorry to hear about your bag. I know how much the anticipation can build up and then to be let down. I got the Ava in chocolate since the Antelope was sold out and my one concern is how soft and buttery the leather is and how it will hold up over time. I would definitely return it and if you still want one see if they can track down another one. Hope it works out.
Ali - what a nightmare! :sad: Well, I do hope you feel better. This is just one bad apple out of the bunch. As for the other "pristine" antelope Ava, I'm crossing my fingers for you...