Oh no more........ has arrived

  1. Sorry to tell you this.... you have the classic signs of Coach addiction. First it's a bag, then an accessory. But it's all over when you start buying cute little charms! Yep, you're addicted! I believe there is no cure... you'll just have to keep buying more now to satisfy the urge! Cute stuff btw!! (I have the coach heart and it is my favorite!)
  2. What great stuff, woohoo! Enjoy them all!
  3. Ohh I love it all Bag Fetish ! :heart:
  4. OMGosh at first i'm thinking you're going to tell me something is fake... :crybaby:
    But I have to agree.. i'm addicted :yahoo: the charms are the best.
  5. Thank you, Now if only the bigger stuff would get here.
  6. yes, I suffer from this ailment. Now it looks like I have the Gucci bug which makes my checking account cry!
  7. Thank you, I'm loving my new addiction :smile:
  8. At least we are not addicted to Crack :lol:
  9. Where did you find the treo case???
  10. But seriously great collection!! I love the passport holder....
  11. omg, what do you do for a living? lol. :wtf:
    can i do what you do?
  12. Coach is my crack (as stated in my avatar) :lol:
  13. Form of crack just doesnt hurt our health LOL