oh no! mab/mam question.

  1. i just checked the RM website, and my beloved yellow leather morning after is not on there, in neither size! since i'm a RM noob, does this mean it's sold out? and if not, could i call customer service to see if there's one available somewhere? eek! woe is me :crybaby:
  2. ^Which yellow? The one with studs or the one with the silver trim?
  3. the one with the studs. it just looks girly & bada$$ at the same time
  4. label360 has the studs one.
  5. Yeah, girl! and make sure to use the 30% toutie code!
  6. thanks ladies :smile: i almost had a minor stroke. now all i have to do is convince my parents that i desperately need a new bag. i'm thinking about using my "but you could use it too, mom...." line. heehee.