Oh no! Lost H cashmere scarf

  1. Just needed to gripe. Lost my black cashmere H scarf yesterday. :crybaby:I've back-tracked every where and so far no luck. Only one place left to look, but have to wait until Tues to call the place. Why? Oh, why? Oh, why? Where are thou?

    No one seems to understand that it is not just a scarf...but it's my H scarf.

    Should I just go get another one tomorrow? Is the Boston H store open tomorrow (president's day)? Or should I just wait until after Tues when I call the last place?

  2. What does it look like, IT?
  3. Boston store is open tomorrow, but I'd wait until Tuesday to call where you think it might have been lost....
  4. I'm sorry you lost your scarf, but replacement isn't the factor here! Wait til you call on Tues. then think of replacements!
  5. Ohhh, I am SO very sorry to hear that. I HATE HATE HATE loosing things - especially H things.

    I left my Vert anis Bolide at a shop where Dh had been trying on suits the other day.

    It took me half and hour to realise I wasn't carrying my bag.

    I felt like throwing up

    I ran in PLATFORMS back to the store.....and the guys had put it behind the counter.

    Apparent;y some lady had picked it up, and was walking out the door when they stopped her, and said they believed it to belong to someone else, not her.

    I still feel SICK when I think about it.

    Sending you GOOD "come home scarf" vibes!!!!!!! I have my fingers crossed for you!!

    Just imagine her back in your hands.....visual imagery helps, I reckon!
  6. ^the grey is to die for!
  7. IT, so sorry about what your going through. Sending "find it" vibes your way!
  8. I hope you can find it IT.

    I lost my bracelet (the one I got the day when Shopmom feels bored) last month before the credit card statement came! Heartbroken!
  9. GF, I'm so glad u didn't lose your bolide. I think I would vomit too if I lost one of my H bags.

    Okay, so the last place it may be is at a night club. I think I checked it in at coat check, but don't think they gave it back to me when I left. Darn, alcohol!!! It's definitely the devil!!!:cursing: What are the chances that someone would not claim it as their own? Hmmpphhh!!!
  10. we gotta think positive. Imagine when you call the club that they say "yes, we have it here". Just keep thinking of that......

    All else fails, we can all enable you in another scarf purchase! But I hope you get THIS one back, too!
  11. That's a lovely scarf. Hope you'll get it back and soon! Sending you good vibes too.
  12. I am sorry about the scarf! I hope you find it soon!!!
  13. Thanks, ladies. For sending good vibes. I know that this is the only place where I can find people who would understand. All my friends are saying, "What's the big deal? It's just a scarf. Just get a new one." I know that is what will probably end up happening, but still...
  14. K - WHAT?! I felt ill too while reading your thread. Oh and that woman! Thank goodness the SAs there were halfway cluey.

    Hmm...:sneaky: hey, when you go out next with any of your H bags, lemme know.... :ninja: