OH NO! Look what happened to my Pomeranian....

  1. Well after a bad trip to the groomers my lovely pomeranian, Peapod, looks a bit different.....

    1st pic is a before shot and then the 2nd and 3rd are the afters,,,,

    And no I did not tell the groomer to do this....:sad:
    peapodfluffy.jpg peapodnotfluffy.jpg peapodnotfluffy1.jpg
  2. LOL!! Sooooooo cute!!! That face is just so adorable!
  3. I almost spit wine all over my monitor. How sad! It'll grow back soon. :p My pooches are all short hairs, we don't have this problem.
  4. OMG wow such a difference! Hes still a cutie but I have to admit I liked his look before...dont worry its like hair it will grow back :smile:
  5. I don't think Peapod knows that his hair is all short now cause he is still posing nicely for the camera. Sooo cute!!
  6. ahahaaa thats sooo cute! :smile: hhe the last pic he looks like a teddy bear! :smile:
  7. I really have a problem with groomers who make outright decisions to shave fluffy dogs and cats. What the hell are they thinking? Ever heard of a phone? Couldn't they have made a determination when you dropped him off that he was too matted and discussed it with you?

    ... he is cute this way though! My Pasha came by that look naturally (in my Avatar) with her Alopecia X.

    BTW, the former breeder who is now doing Pom rescue says that you can work out matted hair with cornstarch. Rub it into the matted hair and it makes it slick for combing out.
  8. OMG!! Tooo funny! What a cutie pie! No worries - it will grow back and hopefully you can enjoy a bit of time with less shedding!
  9. Aww poor lil' guy. He still is absolutely adorable though and I love his name! "Peapod" that is so great! It will grow back and he will be more handsome than ever, but in the mean time I would make him wear a sweater/jacket when going outside (if it's cold) since he doesn't have any hair to keep him warm.
  10. The poor thing! He looks like a lion!

    (Did you ask the groomer why they made him look like this? Maybe if you ask for the pomeranian's show coat next time.)

    He's adorable, though!

    Keep him in outfits until the fur grows back!
  11. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

  12. That was the case, they said the hair by his legs was too matted and so they shaved him...it was not even really that bad...I was mad that they did not call me or make that evaluation when i brought him in...that is GREAT to know about the cornstarch though! He gets really bad little tangles in the back of his ears if I do not keep up with the brushing.

    Your little poms are the cutest things ever. :heart: :heart:
  13. Oh he's so cute anyway!!! It makes his "face" stand out even more. He can pull it off, don't worry.
  14. I am kind of getting used to him looking like this now...and he seems back to normal...the first 3 days with this new haircut he was very shy and did not bark once at anything. I think it will be great in several weeks when it grows out a bit...he DOES look more like a lil boy now...which my boyfriend likes...hehe...

    and actually I have never had a problem with him shedding with the long hair...he doesn't! Its kinda strange, but good since I wear A LOT of black.... lol.

    wanna see some more pics?





    hehe i love my dog.
    peapodcoat.jpg peapodcoat1.jpg peapodpolo.jpg peapodpolo1.jpg
  15. He is still very cute. I have to admit that I was shocked when I first saw the oic. I am sure that is how you were when you saw him. That does make me mad that they didn't even call to inform you of what they were doing first. Luckily it is just hair and it will grow back. ^^I agree Mrs. V it does make his face stand out more. So cute:yes: