oh, no! kinda long

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  1. if you guys remember, i started a thread about whether i should get this vintage noe that was being offered to me for $229. the whole story is that it was originally listed on ebay, by a japanese seller, which i found on saturday. i had it authenticated here, and it was indeed authentic. i asked the seller, that saturday, that if i agreed to her BIN price of 200 + shipping, if i could pay him/her on friday, dec. 15, which is today, and got no response. when i went back to my ebay watchlist, it was gone, so i figured someone else had bought it. the next morning, however, i received an invoice for it and i was completely confused, since my message hadn't received a reply. that night i wrote her another email stating that i hadn't bought anything, so why was i receiving an invoice? i never got a response, so i figured it was an error. a few days later, i asked the seller if the issue was resolved and asked if the invoice was meant for me, or not? i got a response back saying "hello, of course it was given to you and did it". from that i got that the invoice was in fact meant for me. yesterday, however, i sent a message saying that i knew i should have asked her earlier but is there still a dustbag for it? and the response to that was "hello of course i stand thanks." at this point i sent her a message stating that i didn't quite understand her response, but asked again if there was a dustbag for the noe. her response was this, "i exhibit it again in a few days thanks." now i'm completely confused! i then sent her another message, last night, making sure that i'm supposed to paypal her the money today, and if she could send me another invoice, but i haven't received any response. is this a language barrier issue? her responses to my messages sounded so cryptic and now, i'm so confused... :confused1: i want that bag sooo bad:crybaby:, and it seemed like it is/was mine already, but what does it sound like, to you guys?
  2. If you did not do a BIN, then she may have assumed that you wanted to do an off eBay transaction, stopped the auction and sent you an invoice.

    I would ask the seller to list it again and then you can do a BIN.
  3. she didn't have a buy it now option on her listing, but when i asked her if she'd accept a buy it now, she said her price would be $200 + shipping. i figured it would be an out of ebay transaction, but i'm so confused now by her responses to my questions. should i just paypal her the money already?:confused1:
  4. I highly recommend that you do NOT do an off-eBay transaction - it is dangerous and against eBay policy.

    I suggest you contact the seller and have them re-list the auction with a 200BIN. Be quick on the trigger finger as someone may come along and grab it - so refresh your watch list frequently, you'll see the re-list button come up next to the closed auction...

    Pay by CC through PayPal but only when you have purchased the bag ON eBay.
  5. oh ok, that makes sense. i'll ask her to do it.
  6. i actually found another one on ebay that actually has a bin button from another seller! i'm having it authenticated as we speak!
  7. you can do a pre approved buyer auction, this means only persons stated I.e. you can buy/bid. but explaining this may be difficult does anyone on tpf speak the same language & could translate for you?
  8. i don't know... i am so confused by her responses. i know my cousin speaks japanese... i think sophia618 said she speaks japanese... i'll ask her
  9. I'm glad you found another! Off ebay transactions are really risky and I'd never recommend them.
  10. the second one i found isn't that good. so right now i'm looking for another... hopefully i can find someone to help me with the original one. that one was perfect!
  11. Aww..well I'm sure someone can help. Things sound ok, as long as she agrees to to a BIN just for you.
  12. call me dorky, but why are "off ebay" transactions risky? is it an identity theft/security issue?
  13. It does seem ike a language thing .. but that would scare me off buying something, what if I had to contact the seller again afterwards and getting cryptic replies again?

    Go with your gut on this one..
  14. "hello of course i stand thanks."

    I couldn't guess what that mean, even though I had
    language barrier sometimes :shrugs:.
  15. LOL i tried asking the question to her again and what i got was "i exhibit it again in a few days" totally confusing! and i really want her bag! :hysteric: