Oh no - Jacquetta needs repairs.. :(

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  1. After one week, the siding on the straps is flaking and coming loose in places. I've read about this happening on other models but have been lucky enough not to have it happen to any of my bags.. except for now, on my brand-new Jacquetta from the sale. How incredibly annoying! I talked to customer service and they said I could send it in through the Stockholm store so at least that's slightly less inconvenient, but oh, I'm really upset about this. *sigh*

    Thanks for letting me vent! And I hope all you other girls with new Jacquettas are luckier than me :smile:
  2. Oh how annoying ! Good luck getting it sorted x
  3. Are they going to send you a replacement bag since this happened so fast?
  4. That's horrible Anne! After one week? I think they owe you a new bag!!
  5. Anne, I just checked out your blog, it's awesome. And those kittens, honestly, I can't resist a kitten!!:nuts:
  6. oh dear- and i can't use mine until June!!!! guess i'll find out then!
  7. Jo I was just going to say you should try yours out just to make sure

    Sorry about yours Anne you deserve a replacement
  8. The customer service person definitely didn't offer a replacement, nor did I think to ask. :sad: Not so sure they even have any though, since it was in the sale...

    No point bringing it up with the store I suppose, they were rather short with me over the phone and sounded quite sceptical about accepting it at all. But there's no doubt when they see it, this is quite a bit of flaking. *very* annoying! I'll bring it in tomorrow.

    And thanks mombag!
  9. is it just flaking on the edges or is all the inking coming off and exposing the leather. i assume this is happening on the shoulder straps? don't suppose you take a piccie!!!
  10. It's the inking coming off completely in spots! I'll try to take a good pic of it when I'm home tonight :smile:
  11. I've just taken a look at mine and the inking 'seems ' ok. i have been modelling it alot at home the last week and haven't noticed any problems. Hopefully the other new jaquetta owners can chip in and stop me worrying!!!!
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    Oh Anne, that sounds terrible! I will start using mine as soon as the weather gets a little better (it is too wet at the mo). I truly hope that mine is ok!

    I hope you get it sorted. Maybe you can send it bag and get the Mitzy messenger instead :P? Can you tell I want one...? However, I am sure they will be able to fix your bag.
  13. Sorry to hear about the flaking, how upsetting on a brand new bag! At least it's better to send it through the Stockholm shop than to have to send it directly to England for repair. Hope you'll get it back soon!
  14. Anne: I'm sorry this happened to you. You wouldn't expect that after only a week. Hope everything works out well for you.

    Jo: I have used my Jaquetta twice and she seems to be in great condition! No problems with her at least so far.
  15. Anne, That is horrible! Mulberry should exchange it right away!

    Jo, would that not be a reason for you to start wearing it. If it happened with yours as well, it would still be in your guarantee period. Do you think your DH would understand??????????????? He just MUST!!