Oh No..Isn't This Cute? Someone Tell Me Otherwise!!

  1. http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=8404&category_id=68

    there have been three bags i have ever liked from coach. the first coach scarf hobo i stupidly missed out on when i was on vacation and then when i came back the last one was snatched up that morning, the chelsea hobo, and now this.. i bought the mj fran several weeks ago, have yet to use it cause im waiting for a new one to come in and return the other one, which i know i will use when i go shopping and then straight to b&n, and i think i will be picking up the little stam in the next week. so quick! before its tooo late!!
  2. It's cute. Do think it over if you would really use it or if it would just sit in it's dustbag before you get it. You'd rather be sure first than waste a trip and the trip back just to return it, KWIM?
  3. Oooh, I just saw that bag at the Coach store at the Bellevue Square Mall. The leather is to die for! So thick and so rich... I even had my boyfriend look at it! If you do get the bag, it'd would be a great investment... It's one of the best made bags I have ever seen from Coach- it's built like a tank but looks like a dream! Plus it's a very classic style!
  4. your discription makes the bag so appealing:love:
  5. The tobacco color is killing me ...:love:
  6. lol you guys are falling for the same trap as i am!! someone quick say something horrible about it!!
  7. The bag is so cute!
  8. hahah, sorry. I'll have you know that I desperately tried to find something wrong with that bag. It's just too stinking cute!
  9. That bag is really nice.. Sorry I can't tell you otherwise!
  10. LOL ack I'm going to be the party pooper on this one! I'm just not a fan of that enormous buckle in the middle.. it's HUUUGE! Then again I hate most flap purses in general so I'm kind of biased on that one haha.

    But if you really love it you should definitely get it! :yes: I've regretted not buying a bag before and then ended up spending a LOT of time trying to find it again when I could've just bought it in the first place!
  11. It's too small.

    ?was that bad enough? I do like the tobacco color and they do have something larger ;)
  12. It's way too small for me but very pretty.
  13. :wacko: your killing me fox hunt..
  14. I think it's adorable. Sorry I have nothing bad to say about it..hmm..let me think..maybe the size. It's not bad enough I can make do with about any size bag. LOL
  15. Sorry, it is totally cute, in fact I think it is my favorite from the fall collection, in the tobacco that is. The leather is TDF IRL and it is adorable. That said, it is too small for me and the one thing I don't like about that flap style is it looks funny over stuffed. If I could just trim down them amount of stuff I need to carry, I would have to have it, but I just can't. :sad: If you don't carry a lot though, you should get it or you might regret it. ;)