oh no! is this even salvagable?

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  1. i finally got a scarf i bought on ebay, it's my grail instruction scarf in red. the auction, i think, was pretty bare bones. after waiting, not so patiently, for over 2 weeks it finally came tonight. it's got little pulls all over it like it was rubbed against something. and i think the whole thing is kind of pinkish rather than a truer white than i think it's supposed to be.

    has anyone ever seen this before and is it fixable? should i say something to the seller? if so what? i paid kind of a lot for this.

    help :crybaby:

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  2. please. i meant to say please

    and i took these fast in my super dim apt

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  3. H, what was the description of the scarf in the listing? Did it mention the pulls or pills?
  4. Anything written about the rubbed areas?
  5. hlfinn--If that person didn't mention the condition, I'd file a complaint, but after reading the monaco_babe thread, ebay won't listen. Could you return the scarf and ask for a refund?
  6. Does it have it's tag still on it, H?
  7. Looks like the finish was taken off of the scarf.....somehow...

    :heart::heart: Heather...take it to Madame P's...
  8. the tag like the care tag? yes. it was never for sale so no sale tag.
  9. The listing says it's in 'new condition', etat neuf - but the pulls and little pills indicate otherwise. If you're very troubled, you might want to return it for a refund.
  10. i so do not want to. first of all it's hard to find. second, i would have to ship it to france which is not cheap and took over two weeks to come this way. sigh. i guess i'll email the seller and see what they say. so sad.
  11. Have you left feedback for the seller yet? S/he might be more approachable if you haven't. Something like this happened to me once, and I have to say Ebay wasn't much help. But if the feedback is still open, you might be able to agree to a no harm/no foul return with refund.
  12. do you think this is a fair email:

    hi, i got the scarf tonight. i have to say i am suprised and disappointed by it's condition though. you said in the listing that it was used but in new conditon but there are little pills all over it and it looks like it was maybe washed and the color bled- it should be white and red and it looks almost pinkish in the light. were you aware of this condition? please let me know, thanks. and thank you for all your communication with me regarding the shipping. i really appreciate it.
  13. Well in that case, if you want, there are people who may be able to do repairs. Ask at your local store and see if they know anyone they might recommend - someone they might outsource repair work on items purchased from their store, for example. (You can even try claiming back this expense from the seller - could be a long shot, but it's worth a try. If he was representing that it was in new condition, it should really have been in new condition and he ought to have made it such beforehand, IMO.)
  14. i haven't left fb for them though they left it for me.