Oh no! I'm so sad and disappointed...

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  1. Okay.. I was bad and won a pair of CLs off eBay on the 23rd, I wanted to be sure they were okay before I paid. Laureen gave me the okay so I find a computer to pay and the seller is no longer registered?! The listing has even been removed. Are my shoes gone? I know I should be glad that I hadn't paid yet but I'm so sad that my shoes are gone. I can't post the link because I'm on my phone, but the seller is thekubrick. My insectikas :sad:
  2. Hmmm.... no longer registered? How is that possible? I am watching a couple of his/her auctions now. something fishy is going on with that seller.

    I remember a pair of burg ginerva's they had and they magically reappeared a couple of days ago.

    Maybe try to email again to see what the deal is?
  3. Agree with Jimmy ... i guess some of their listing were gone for some reason. I'd just e-mail them and see what's up.
  4. In the seller's listings it was mentioned that somebody keeps reporting their listings as fakes, so maybe that was it. I don't know.
  5. Didn't they say in a listing once that some "vindictive buyer" keeps reporting the seller as selling fakes even if they are not?
  6. Oh yeah, I do remember that. I need to get to my MacBook asap, I can't figure anything out on my phone. Hopefully I can get it resolved.
  7. good luck thoang, i have bought from thekubrick... it was authentic, nude patent VP with gold tip, but she did not mention a damage in the heel which i was very upset about. however, she did refund me 100% PLUS shipping fees...

    i don't know completely what the deal is with her... she says she is a fashion editor and has connections with CL Mount St... and she did say that a vindictive buyer keeps reporting her listings as fakes, and that's why they get removed. but i can safely say the pair of shoes i did get from her were 100% authentic. she was also very good with communicating with me, so just email her. good luck again!
  8. That totally sucks. I'm so sorry thoang!

    I also hate that people are abusing the reporting system.
    Why are some people so lame???
  9. thoang, so sorry that this happened. Fingers crossed that you'll be in touch with the seller and get your shoes!
  10. Aww, thoang, that's terrible! Hopefully it's just some sort of whacky misunderstanding and everything will be cleared up so you can get your beautiful insectikas. I know you're disappointed the shoes may be gone, but at least be grateful you didn't pay for them already just to find out the seller is no longer registered. Let us know how everything turns out!
  11. Thoang I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems

    I'm mystified about whats happened on Ebay with the seller. I can't believe one vindictive buyer can get a users account de-registered ?

    It's all vey confusing. She had a lot of auctions ending that night too so I wonder what has happened to them all

    The concern would be if you complete outside of Ebay, are you still covered by Paypal if something goes wrong ?
  12. Hmm... if he/she has a connection with CL then why only sell one size? Not that I am mad that they only sells 36s. LOL
  13. Good luck ... keep us posted on what happens!
  14. That's really strange. I hope it all works out, Trang.
  15. EDIT: ^^ Oh now you know! :P

    I contacted her and this is her reply. Yes. That is because I listed something with a spelling mistake and was deregistered! Awful. You can still pay through paypal and you are fully protected.

    I'm not too familiar with paypal & ebay (even though I've used it for years) but is this true? Should I go get them...? :crybaby:
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