Oh no! I'm scared about my ebay sunnies

  1. Hi girls! Can I share something and ask for advice? I won a pair of bottle green Mimi's on eBay which I've been lusting after these for ages. So I just got done paying for the auction when I notice in smaller print toward the bottom that she mentions that they have a Coach logo "on one of the temples". So now I'm terrified that they might be damaged! She also describes them as brand new so I didn't expect this at all and it just caught my eye now :crybaby:

    I've emailed her of course to ask what she means by this and maybe it is just the wording or something....I hope! But, if they are really damaged...what are my options? Can I do a paypal claim or a chargeback through my credit card? I'm just not sure. Because of course I should have looked more closely at the auction but the pics looked good and she said they were brand new. Ok, I'm stressing out about this and I know it's not really that big of a deal but I can't help it-don't want to lose $60 for damaged sunnies, ya know? I wonder if Coach would repair them? Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Ahhh...this is giving me a stomach ache!

    Thanks for listening girls, am I overreacting? :shrugs:
  2. Is there a scratch on the logo? Hopefully it's nothing big. I'm not sure who would be more at fault though.
  3. No, I'm wondering if there is a missing logo from one of the earpieces.
  4. I checked out the pictures on eBay.. it supposed to have logo on both sides :s
  5. I know and I am a huge idiot, I am generally so careful-how could I have not noticed that? GAAHHH!!! Oh well. At worst I can probably send them to Coach for repair, I'll gladly pay for that because I love thse sunnies in this color!
  6. yeah i know.. i saw the picture.. sooooooooooo pretty!!:love:
    I think you can ask for the money back because she said it brand new right?
    what kind of brand new that doesn't come with both coach logos?
    or maybe partial refund or something so you can use it toward the repair shipping fee :s
  7. Yeah, we'll see. I only paid $50 for them as it is so it's not like I'm out a huge amount of money. But I tend to stress out over everything, hence this thread!

    Yes, she said brand new. Here's the auction:

  8. Whew! Just heard back from the seller and she said the logo is on both sides and they are brand new. Ah, I can breathe easier now. Why do I panic over small things like this? :rolleyes: I've been keyed up all week this week-maybe it's because school started or maybe it's just hormones, who knows?

    Thanks for listening!
  9. Thank goodness! I am so happy that they are okay! I can't wait to see them on you! Congrats!
  10. Thanks! I can cross something else off the wishlist....er, to be quickly replaced by something new I'm sure, lol.

    A little OT: your Lab is adorable! I love Labs too, we have a yellow one :tup:
  11. Awwww thanks!!! I love her so much!
  12. I am glad everything is OK.. congrats!!
  13. Thanks girls, I'm soooo super excited to get these!