OH NO!!!!! I want a B bag AGAIN! HELP!!!!

  1. O.K. I thought for sure I was sworn off of Bbags after selling my entire collection:shame: Zacorey, I know your going to think Im nuts because just a couple of days ago I was trying to convince myself I was done:roflmfao: . Well anyway it feels so great to be back here in the Balenciaga forum:nuts: . Now I just need everyones help on a new/used city color. Not black or ink though. I have had those:heart:
  2. I wondered what had happened to you! Come on back over girl....the B-bag crack is calling. :yes:
  3. Okay, so youve done black and ink, how about something bright and cheery like RED? Or just wait till the new colors come out next month.

  4. Gosh! I have been away from this forum so long I dont even have a clue as to what the new colors will be do you??:nuts:
  5. Red or Truffle!
  6. Oooo... how about a GREIGE CITY?... i likey likey!!

  7. ^^These colors sound Hot!! Can anyone post pics of theirs and also let me know what everyones favs are at the moment?
  8. ^^
    Do a search for 2007 colours in the bal forum (or even a quick skim at the threads in the bal forum) and there's a thread that has pictures of the bags as well as the leather patches board.

    If you like something - you might want to give BalNY a call cuz their waitlist has already opened!

    Hope you find a colour you like!! :biggrin:
  9. Oh ranskimmie welcome back to the dark side! :graucho: What colors did you use to own? Do you miss a particular one the most?

  10. Here's the spring colors:
    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches

    I'm liking the french blue and vert d'eau :drool:
  11. ^^ Sounds good!

    Here are the colors I have already had

    04' lilac
    04' turquoise
    05' black
    05' indigo
    05' magenta
    05' apple green
    06' white
    06' Ink Yikes!

  12. I so wish I would have never sold my 04 lilac I'll never be able to afford another one:crybaby:
  13. kimmie!!! welcome back girl...

    start with checking the achtung! there's few great b bags in great prices too...
  14. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just fainted when I saw this thread!!!...then I got the smelling salt! :welcome: WELCOME BACK KIMMIE!!!!!!!:welcome: We can help you pick a bag! What style? The city?
  15. :nuts: Hi seahorseinstripes!!!!! I have really missed you girls!!!!!