Oh no i waited too long and no one has it. Help!

  1. Ladies i can just kick myself right now. :censor: :cursing: I waited and waited in getting the Natural Work w/GH because i wanted to see the Anthracite and Periwinkle. This morning i decided to call and make sure it was still available, and OMG i can't find it any where.:crybaby: BalNY only ordered 4 and it is all gone.:crybaby: I have called every store that i know of and nothing. :crybaby: Any one knows where else i can find one? Any help would be appreciated.:love:
  2. Oh no, I really want you to have that bag! LVR still has the City but they didn't get the Work in Natural. I'm out of the loop now with AR but did they get them or did I hear they don't carry b-bags anymore? What about trying smaller boutiques like Susan or Mix Modern? Maybe try calling Liz at Mix in Houston?
  3. Well, NM, Saks, Barney's never bought the Natural in Work. I called Shirise, Aloha Rag and no luck there. :crybaby:
    Why Why did i do this.:cursing: I am going to keep trying until i find one. Keep your fingers crossed for me.:love:
  4. have you tried susan of burlingame (sf (415) 922-3685, burlingame (650) 347-0452). unfortunately they just closed but the last i checked they had a large selection of works in the new colors. good luck!
  5. Nanaz, I remember seeing a Natural with GH in NM Las Vegas, but I just can't for the life of remember what size (weekender?), but I guess since you have obviously checked with NM, could not have been the work.
  6. Hi, I was at Barneys New York in Boston (Copley Place) just today, and I think I might have seen your natural work with GH :smile: I hope I saw correctly, and I hope this helps...
  7. Nordy's in Sacto CA had some..
  8. Try NM tysons corner, va. I think they had one a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure since Cameron Diaz has been photographed so many times with her natural GH that it sped up the selling of the bag.

    good luck!
  9. I was just at NM in Vegas two days ago and they had a natural with GH. I don't recall the style though, but give them a call. Good Luck!
  10. I asked in Zurich/Switzerland yesterday about the current stock and they don't have any Naturals, they don't ordered them :sad: ! Good luck 'L' Nanaz on your search :love:

    Good luck, darling!:happydance:
  12. Awww, all of you ladies are so kind, sweet, and thoughful and i really appreciate the info. you've given me. :tender: I am going to try all your suggestions and hopefully one will show up. :sweatdrop: Thanks again for your help.:heart:
  13. Good luck with the calling and your hunt Nanaz! I hope one turns up for you!
  14. OMG, I can just kiss you right now:kiss:. I called the store and yayyy they had only two left and i got one.:yahoo: It is being shipped to me tomorrow. :yahoo: when i get it next week, i will post pics for you all.
    Thank you so much again every one. I am:happydance: :party: :kiss:.