Oh no- I totally screwed up! HELP!

  1. I have an item up for sale with a BIN and a OBO, someone sent me an offer, I declined but said I would come down to a certain price, and if they sent me an offer for that I would accept .When they sent me another offer, I realized that I had not included shipping and then countered, but now the buyer is out of town. (Keep in mind that she previously contacted me to ask about shipping charges as she is from Austrailia).

    I would like to hold the item for that person because I realize it was my mistake, but another person could come along and do the BIN. How can I retract my counter, and accept their offer? :crybaby:
  2. I'm not sure you can retract a counter offer. Did you try doing a Live Chat with and eBay CSR and explain it to them? I've had really good luck getting answers that way.

    Edit note: wait a sec. If you haven't any firm offers, you could revise your listing to include the shipping cost to Australia. I don't think that's against any rules since you already spoke with her about a shipping charge.
  3. I tried live help and after waiting 42 minutes with no response to my question I gave up. It says I can retract a counter, but then if I do that, can I still accept her offer?

  4. Then I'd say you should just revise your listing to including shipping fees to Australia.
  5. I am going to try live help again. I am just worried that since hte buyer is going out of town, she could ultimately loose the auction because she won't be back in time to accept my counter offer. I am such an idiot!
  6. Got ahold of a great assistant on Live Help. I ultimately closed the auction and sent the buyer a message that I am holding the bag for her per our discussion. IF it falls through, I will just relist it, but this buyer seemed really sincere.

    Thanks for all your advice Prada!!! I really appreciate it!
  7. Aw Jag, sorry this happened to you but super glad that things look okay - hope the buyer comes back to you quickly and the deal goes ahead.
  8. You sound like a great Ebayer - Wish more out there had your sincerity!
  9. Wow that is really nice of you, I hope it works out!