Oh no I think I spoiled someone's gift

  1. On Friday night, I got an offer on one of my bags that was ending, so I accepted (it was a nice offer), sent an invoice. The buyer pays immediately and selects Express Mail. This means I need to ship Saturday am. The buyer's address is 'unconfirmed', so I email the buyer asking to confirm ASAP so I can ship the next am. Mind you, I had to get this bag ready to ship Friday evening because I was going to NYC (shopping of course) and was leaving at 8am, so DH would have to drop off at the PO before DD's horsebacking riding class at 11am. It's 10pm, no response from my buyer, so I pull contact information and call the buyer. A woman answers so I say "My name is XXX XXX, you just purchased a bag from me on eBay?", she says, "oh, hold on, hon, did you just buy something on eBay?" :noggin: I BLEW IT!!! Guy comes on the phone, I apoligized, I felt so horrible!!!! Anyway, I printed the shipping label and DH dropped it off. I did wrap it up extra nice (always do nice anyway), threw in some goodies and a card, finished it off with beautiful red organza ribbon.

    What a nice husband to buy his wife a bag!! :woohoo:I hope it was on her watch list. Next time, my opening line will be different!
  2. That is very sweet of him. Hopefully she wasn't really listening closely when she answered and just heard "eBay" and missed the word bag? You had no way of knowing it was a gift, and it was nice of you to work so hard to get it out quickly and package it nicely!
  3. I hope it was intended as a gift for her, otherwise he has to find another one for his mistress :nuts:
  4. ^ :roflmfao: I didn't even think about it like that!
  5. maybe it was for him;)
  6. Hey, I really like to believe that there are other DH's out there besides me!
    Come on ladies we are not all the type that cheat or are well what ever you want to call it.

    A lot of us just really just:heart: LOVE YOU :heart:that much!

    And maybe that's why I'm here.
    BTW you ladies are the best still!

  7. Chipmunk, you bad girl! LOL!:p
  8. Ladies & Matt, you made me LMAO!

    Kimberf: You made me feel a lot better, maybe she didn't hear the word bag, I was speaking very low.

    Hope I find a nice handbag under the tree on Christmas morning. I have an obvious wish list. If I don't I'll just have to go shopping.
  9. How funny!:lol:
  10. oooooooh....not good. :p
  11. I think it's sweet that Matt hangs out with us at tPF!:flowers:
  12. Me too, lol!
    That was so sweet of you to take the extra measure to have it shipped and packed up pretty!
  13. I really do like hanging at least over here in Ebay part The rest of the forum I doubt I would be of little help to you ladies unless you need to find out how a "DH" would react to something.:upsidedown:

    But compared to the Audio Forums this at least is a lot less technical and I'm actually having some fun here.:tup:
    And not answering the same question: (Example) Why is my new audio interface not working with this computer that is not compatible with it?:push:
    Or why does this $200.00 fake mic not sound just like the real one that costs $4500.00 and what do I do to fix it?:push:
    So you think Christmas is bad here!
    Wait till I tell some of the horror stories from My other Forums.:roflmfao:

    Thank You all again for all your help, and making me feel welcome here!

    BTW Thanks for the Flowers!
    That was very Sweet!:love:

    MY "LW" may get