Oh no I think I S.A. cheated!!

  1. OK, so DH wanted me to scope out H store for my birthday present - he's getting me a wallet and a Bolide for my upcoming birthday!! :yahoo:

    I have been once before, and the girl who helped me was helpful, somewhat knowledgable, and very friendly. She gave me a card saying "Ready to Wear" specialist, so I just figured she was just jumping departments to help me that day.

    This time when I went to the store I was scoping it out for my presents, much more serious this time. I didn't see the S.A. I spoke with previously and another girl offered to help so I started discussing sizes, bags etc and looking at wallets. It was so much fun! But then after about 30 minutes the S.A. I met first walked in from the back! It was lunchtime.

    Oh, shoot. I stayed with the S.A. who was already helping me, but wondered if I made a terrible faux pas.

    The "Ready to Wear" girl came by often to suggest things she'd overhear me say I wanted, and the new S.A. was definitely a little put off. I like them both, and they've both helped me quite a bit in deciding what I want now.

    Question is this: who do I go back to? The Ready to Wear girl, or the new S.A.? Does it matter? I don't wanna seem like a turncoat when I go back LoL

    Especially since I'm so excited about my new Bolide!! :yahoo:
  2. This is an interesting point. They've told me they don't get individual commissions as recently as last week (but they do still have a quota, I think) and yet they get really tiffed if you ask them to show you something when your SA is not around but then pops up later. You're the customer who's paying money - shouldn't they be trying to please you? It seems a little backward but if your SA is on a break, what are you supposed to do, stand around and refuse to be helped? If so, that leaves me a little surprised. Hard position to be in. I try to go in when people I know are there to help me. I'm interested to see what others have to say. Sorry this came up for you, but congratulations on your new bolide!
  3. ditto....very interested, as i've had the same issue!
  4. This is my understanding. Also, when I have gone to the store and my SA is not there, I remember the SA helping me put the purchase under my regular SA even though she wasn't there.
  5. Which SA do you like better? If you like the original one better, when you go back in, just ask for her and you can tell her what happened. Don't feel obligated, the most important thing is to find someone that you enjoy buying from. Personally, I have worked with many SAs at my local store until I settled on my current SA.
  6. In my recent trip to Tyson's my usual SA there was very busy helping another customer, so another SA helped me. I have had the same thing happen at KoP. Usually they will work it out amongst themselves. If the store is busy or somone is on break, I'm sure they do not expect you to wait for a long time to be helped. My usual SAs will step in and give some guidance to the "sub" SA, but there is never a "tiff". I've tried to get to know as many SAs as possible in the stores I visit.

    I say work with both of them. Whichever one wants to help you will help you and they will be able to divide the work accordingly.
  7. While I was waiting for my SA to arrive, another was "playing" with bags with me and we enjoyed a great chat about H in general. When mine came through the door, he politely stepped aside and my SA jumped right in. No drama.

    At the smaller stores, all of the SAs work with bags, so I'd probably go back to the first lady if you "clicked" with her.
  8. Thanks for the advice girls.

    I gotta figure it out in my little head. Knowing my DH, unless I say something he'll walk right up and shake hands with the guard, and hand HIM a list of what I want!

    LoL I ADORE how down to earth and friendly my DH is, so I just work around it :love:

    He always tells me to find one S.A. and use them forever. So - my question still haunts lol
  9. And you have a kind heart to be concerned about the SA's! :yes:

    Perhaps you could call the manager, explain the situation and see if he/she has a recommendation or can guide you?
  10. I think that you should go with the SA who you're most 'at ease' with...I have two from the same store who help me....it just depends on who's at the store when I call, etc. I love the store that I deal with as the SAs seem super nice and want to help so much. Last week I even contacted the NYC H store about a silver pegasus (thanks to hfinn!!) (my store didn't have one) and the SA was great..you're the paying customer so go with who you're comfortable with....if it's both, then use both!!!
  11. all SA in the store i visit are very helpful, i think they tend to work as a team rather than having a competition....
    the first SA i met was a very very nice lady, she told me keep popping in to check whether they've got Birkin in or not....second time i visited, i didn't see her, so i just asked a gentleman if they have a Birkin, and he said they did~when i went back the 3rd time to get the Birkin, the first lady helped me with the payment~~she also asked me what i am interested in and said she would pass it on to the gentleman who showed me the bag in first place....i guess now i am under his list of customers...but every single time i visit, all SA are helpful and nice, and most of the times there is another SA working together with my SA....maybe every single store has their own team and each team works in their own way...but i found the SA i've met here are much more helpful than those in London ^ ^
  12. Don't feel bad. As another poster said, if your original SA was on break, what could you do?

    I say go with the SA you liked the most. After all, having a good relationship with an SA is key to this Hermes business. So definitely go with the one you have the best feeling about and don't feel guilty in any way. :smile:
  13. I kinda have the same situation with one of the stores I work with. Let me just tell you what I do...

    My SA is older than me, very friendly and let me place a podium order, and she's the primary one I try to go to, but she's also a very good, pushy (in a good way) SA, so she's always busy. I have to admit that when it was time to place my order, I only worked with her, and at one point, I even waited an hour for her to help me (good thing all my patients canceled that afternoon!). There's another SA at the store who's young, Asian (like me), and who I can totally relate to. She and I enjoy talking about everything, and last time I went to the store, she helped me because my SA was busy helping one of her highest-grossing customers. The young SA put aside the ostrich P-B for me and was supersweet. I haven't bought a thing from her, but I'm thinking I should one day because she spends so much time with me.