oh no...i think i may have caught the contagious chloe paddington OCD

  1. thats it...im getting suckered into these paddys! i dont know why... honestly when i heard everyone raving about these bags i didnt really get why, but all of a sudden im like 'i want one' more then a lv or chanel (eek i dont understand it!) i think im going to start a tradition with chanel purchases later on, but now i want a paddy..but i dont really know where to start...are their different sizes? i heard that they are heavy, so i'd want a small one, i love the whiskey but wanted to know if they had it in a tealish sort of color? is there a site that i can view all the options? lol..i dont even know how to begin with this. help?
  2. I said something similar in another thread. LOL
    But since I've seen so many options of this bag from this site alone, I am truly in lust. Esp. with the whiskey.
  3. Here it is in blue, our beloved whiskey
    NMV5785_mp.jpg NMV6379_mp.jpg
  4. Check out www.Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter.com and www.luisaviaroma.com for their options of paddingtons. And welcome to the paddy-craze!!
  5. meee tooooo. i'm getting absolutely sick about it..... i could have had one last week, but nooooo, i got balenciaga.... which i do love too.. don't get me wrong. i think i have a problem..i'm obsessed.
  6. I was once bitten by the Paddy but now, it's a Chloe bug. I just want to buy Chloe bags. And it doesn't help that the Nordstrom I go to has a very good selection right now. I'm trying to stay away! Anyway, when I held the new Paddys, I did notice the weight difference. The newer ones are lighter than the one I have. If I buy another one, I think I will go for the whisky too. If you really want one now, I suggest that you call my Nordstrom and talk to my SA. They will be able to send it to you. I can send you the info if you want.
  7. Oohh... what kind of B-bag did you get? :nuts:
  8. i got the light pink hobo bag and the ink med city bag..... i got the pink one first and then 2 days after ran in and got the city.... now all i can think about is the paddington......
  9. Oh ya I remember you mentioning it. :nuts: Good choices and congrats once again. Ya, I just got a bordeaux B-bag that I'm waiting on it to arrive. Now I'm thinking about getting a black paddy. lol I'm sooooo in trouble now... :lol: