Oh no I really don't have any luck!

  1. OMG I've been planning a trip to Paris since 2 months ago by Eurostar and I'm due to leave tomorrow morning but just found out that due to a building collapsing near the rail the whole service has been suspended until further notice! Nooooooo!


    · Complete line closure at Bromley by Fire / Police Authorities
    · No services to and from Waterloo International

    Eurostar has had services severely disrupted today (11 April) due to the complete track closure at Bromley South by the Fire and Police authorities due to major building subsidence nearby.

    There have been no services in or out of Waterloo International since 09h30 this morning. Eurostar services have been starting or terminating at Ashford International with people travelling between Waterloo East and Ashford on domestic services.

    Because of the continuing disruption, Eurostar is now advising travellers NOT to travel to Ashford International via Waterloo East to join Eurostar services. Eurostar tickets can be exchanged for another date or refunded.

    I can't change the date because I took some days off work for this trip, feel like crying now! :cry: It better get back to normal by tomorrow! ... although a building collapsing sounds major and might take a while....:sad2:

    I hope no one else from this forum had a journey planned today or tomorrow by Eurostar!
  2. Can't you get to Ashford some other way?

    Really sorry for your trip :cry:
  3. Apparanlty we're not allowed to travel to Ashford either now. This is really annoying! I keep pressing the refresh button on the travel news page hoping it'll say it's all sorted...!

    Awww thanx Perja, makes me feel a bit better.
  4. Your best bet would be to call the Eurostar office and see what you can do about it... When travelling back from Scotland, we had trouble with the Eurostar and their office sorted it out pretty easily :smile:
    Hope you get to enjoy some holiday though!! Keep us posted.
  5. aww that's horrible luck!
  6. I tried calling them and they told me to call back in the evening and check then. Really hoping it all turns out o.k.
  7. I'm really sorry about your trip Percephonie. That's a real bummer [​IMG]
  8. Good luck percephonie. Hope it all gets sorted for you, sounds liike they might be waiting for updates themselves and then will be able to offer solutions. Hang on!
  9. Thanx so much for the support everyone! I was starting to feel sick from the stress. What's worse is that my sister who lives over there took days off work for me as well. I'd feel so guilty if I end up not going...
  10. Aww that suxs big time ........hope they can do something about it quickly
  11. Oh no!
    That's horrible news. Hopefully you can get everything sorted out in time to have some vacation!
  12. That's awful :sad: I'm so sorry, percephonie! I hope things work out for the best and that you're still able to enjoy your days off.
  13. Phew it's all back to normal apparantly! Although on the website it doesn't say so which is bugging me a bit.

    Paris here I come wooohooo!!
  14. Wow, you're in luck anyway :nuts:

    Have a splendid time in Paris :amuse: Oh, Paris in spring....wish I could come too :love:
  15. Thanx Nectarine! I'll try to smuggle you in my HUGE suitcase next time I go to Paris! ;)