Oh no I noticed a stich was loose and I pulled!!! Help!

  1. Okay so today I noticed on the back pocket of my Medallion in the upper left hand corner a stich had come loose. I very gently pulled on it and it came off. Now I see that the stich that should go on the very corner of the bag is gone and a tiny bit of the thread is left and is short. I guess from where the loose thread was.

    Should I exchange it? It doesn't seem like the pocket is loose...yet. I am worried maybe in time this will come and bite me in the butt. I got it at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. Should I take it there and exchange??

    I'm so sad :crybaby: Just what is going on with these damn bags!!! They are not cheap for crying outloud!!!
  2. oh no star!!! I might return it if it bothered me.
  3. Is it brand new? I think I would return/exchange it, if I could.
  4. Yeah it's only 2 1/2 weeks old! I am gonna go tonight and try to exchange it.
  5. RETURN IT, it is defective
  6. Return it!!! The same thing happened to me on my PST the SAME DAY I bought it!!!!!
  7. Yeah I am gonna go return it tomorrow. I put it nicely back in the box and everything. I actually ran to Neimans near my house and picked up a fresh one that was perfect. They told me there that that should NEVER happen to any Chanel bag and especially a classic one like the Medallion!!!

    But it obviously does happen quite often I assume with Chanel after reading people's quality control issues here. I just can't believe it happened to me. :sad:
  8. Really?!? The stitching came undone? Did you return it?
  9. Nordstrom will gladly return the bag; their customer service is excellent!
  10. Oh sorry to hear! Glad you're returning.
  11. Glad that you got another one without any problems! Congrats on your medallion tote!
  12. the white classic flap in sf boutique on display had a loose stitch, and the SA said the bag would be covered for 1 year, after a year they'd charge for the repair.

  13. Yes, the stitching came undone on one of the leather shoulder straps. It wasn't that big of a deal on mine and I just dealt w/ it. It's held up nicely but I don't it every day now.