Oh no! i need some advice

  1. I returned my mc priscilla today in hoping to exchange it for a mc trouville. My store didn't have any white trouvilles so they are getting one transferred for me from the alberta store. In the mean time, i got a gift card while i wait for the bag to come. The bag was bought before january and on january 1st our taxes came down by 1%. so i just checked the receipt for the gift card, it looks like lv only returned me 5% of the tax instead of 6% which was what it was when i purchased the bag. what should i do? the difference in amount is very small, but its the principle.
  2. can you ask for gift card of full amount, then use it for trouville?
  3. well i got a gift card today when i returned the priscilla. the amount was 1702. my bf originally paid for 1717. like i said the amount is very little but thats a few bucks that could be used for another purchased right?

    it was silly of me to not check the receipt when i left lv but i would think they'd refund me the whole amount bf paid back in december.

    in bc, the taxes used to be 13% but it was lowered to 12% in january.
  4. i would casually bring it up and see how they react. Sure it's only 1%, but the price increase they are about to have certainly won't be 1% less than what they plan for, KWIM?
  5. yea totally agree, they make enough money as it is with all these price increases! the sa was really nice in getting the trouville transferred for me too and i asked her to transfer one with a good color combo, so i'll just have to wait till next week, i hope they will be able to fix this.
  6. What you can have a good meal for 15, may be a little but it can do much. I'm sure that when you go back you can explain this to them, also bring your receipt or statement that show how much you paid for the priscilla.
  7. when i returned the bag today, they took the receipt with them and only gave me the receipt for the gift card which states how much is going on the gift card and the gift card.
  8. You should always get the same amount you originally paid .
  9. thats what i thought too!

    and now i'm worried i'll have to pay extra for the price increase too! oh the world is just not fair!

  10. They should have in the system what bag was returned and the amount you paid for her.
  11. I agree with you, it's all about principal. Go back and ask for the difference. I hope you'll get a nice color combo.
  12. Meeks - it is your right to ask for it.. you don't even need to be mean about it.... just let the sa know what happened... if they value their customers, they will return the 1%. Send us pics when you get your trouville. :smile:
  13. ok so i went to the store today to see what i can do about this price difference. at first the sa said he can't do anything about it because i've past the refund date and i will not be getting the full amount back. i was about to get upset until the manager came and said i know what she's talking about so once the bag that i want gets in, she will personally adjust the price of the trouville $15 less. WHEW!!! and plus i also found out there is no price increase in canada. and also i'm even more confused which bag i want now, trouville or priscilla.