Oh No! I may have been a good influence....

  1. Tonight I was at the mall with my friend who loves purses but mostly has Coach and Kate Spade. I suggested we check out some bags in LV (tried on the Malibu St, Alma, Trouville, BV and BH) and she fell in love with the BV and BH. I thought she might buy it right then so I told her to think about it. She can afford it; its just that I didn't want her to regret such a $$ impulse buy cuz she is not someone that would return it. I am friends with her BF as well....he isn't going to be thrilled with me.

    I left the store with nothing except the desire to get a BH, White MC Alma and a Malibu St!
  2. That's good!!! (and bad too lol!) You were definitely both the angel and the devil on her shoulder!
  3. You're a good friend. You gave her both sides fairly. I'm betting she'll buy it!:lol:
  4. LOL I meant to say BAD influence....freudian slip??
  5. HEhehe agree!:yes:
  6. congratulations... your LV virus has advanced onto the second stage - ENABLING. ;)

  7. Not a bad influence, a good one...introducing her to the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton!
  8. so... is she buying it? can't wait to hear her decision :P
  9. Good influence!