Oh No!!! I Made A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!! Please Advise & Help!!!

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Which To Keep - Or Keep Both (what a dork! "-)

  1. Keep The Black Marcelle

  2. Keep The Black Lucy

  3. Keep Them Both - Live On The Edge....

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  1. What a dork I am. I must have some OCD problem. I had recently bought a gorgeous beautiful Kooba Marcelle in Black. Fab fab. Older khaki suede lining. Awesome.
    Then I did a bad thing. I also purchased a Kooba Lucy in Black as well. I know, I know. What a freak...I couldn't pass it up. It was 1000% authentic (got lots of pics) and it was SUCH a good deal at $152.50.
    Okay ladies. There's stupid and then there's stupid....here's the thing: KEEP THE BLACK MARCELLE, THE BLACK LUCY OR BOTH!!!??? Why would I do that????
    I mean, rational thinking says they're vintage styles and if one gets worn out, lookie - I've got another one waiting in the wings!!! I mean, we're not even talking like a Black Claudia vs. a Black Lucy....both are studed but different STYLES...Here I'm talking same style, same color, but one has studs, the other has laces. ERGGGG......I don't know what to do.....!!!!
    Which also begs the question - which is more favored with everyone? Marcelle or Lucy in general? I mean, if you could have the Cognac Marcelle or the Cognac Lucy, which would it be? Both? Like me???
    Please please any advice???? :sad:
  2. Aaah, so it was you who got the Lucy today. I was keeping an eye on that auction as it looked good, but the pics were probably putting a lot of people off as they weren't very good. You can't go wrong for $152.50. You could use it for your more rock chick days and then use your Marcelle (which is a little more feminime) when you want to be a bit more girly. Black is such a versatile color, so I'm sure they'd both get used.

    I say it's not a terrible mistake, I think you did good. Keep both!
  3. Well, the great enablers that we all are will say to keep both. I would say the Marcelle is my most favorite, but, come on....you won't even miss that $152 in a few weeks or month. That is how I would rationalize it. Note to Mini.....see? You can bring out that Ada....it could feasibly have been a sweet sweet deal for $150, too!!!!
  4. I agree, keep them both! I mean, a girl needs to have a back-up, doesn't she? And Mini is right, they are slightly different looks.
  5. If you ask me, the woman with multiple double bags...I say keep both. It's not like you paid retail for them. In that case I would sell but for the great deals you got, keep them. I have seem some old Marcelles that the strap has come undone from the bag. Maybe with wear and tear this might happen so the you have the Lucy. Don't fret about. I get a good sense of security with double bags.
  6. No, that's not a terrible mistake, you got a great deal on both, and technically, they aren't the same bag. So wait & see if you have a favorite of the two & sell the other. I only have the lucy, so I can't compare as to which I like better-but they're both rare finds!
  7. Now tell me, does a woman need 2 of everything?? *s

    Why not keep both for awhile, wear them about and see what you think. When you are done with one or both, sell them. It is as simple as pie.
  8. Yeah, those pictures were awful so I took matters into my own hands (:rolleyes:) and emailed the poor guy about a dozen times about more pics...more pics....want to see the leather. He got so sick of me, he ended up posting all of his questions on the auction so as not to be bothered constantly. When I said "be prepared for questions" I wonder if he knew what he was getting into. By the by, it is real - and I'm pleased...bummed there's no dustbag, so I'll have to purchase one (boo) - but I'm thinking we all enable each other!!! :roflmfao:
  9. I'd keep them both as well, not like you spent a fortune..my favourite bag of all time has always been the Cognac Marcelle (still hoping for a miracle and a brand new one will pop up somewhere..), but I like the Lucy as well and would have it for that price, think you did well there, J...
  10. LOL... I was asking questions on that auction too! After the additional pics that posted were of poor quality, I kinda lost interest... BUT now I'm excited about it again!!!!! I'm glad the Lucy is going to a good home where she will be joined by numerous brothers and sisters of similar styles! Oh, and by the way... I say KEEP them both!

    Congrats! You got a great deal!
  11. Oh, keep both. They really are 2 different looks, and for the price you bought the lucy, you can't go wrong!
  12. I agree with the rest of the ladies. Keep them both and POST PICS! :yes:
  13. Well, here's a fly-in-the-pie question, if I do say so myself...say you guys found yourselves sitting in a store and both the MARCELLE AND LUCY IN COGNAC were in front of you, which one would you grab. Say....they were not "so on sale" - maybe like around $375 each....so we're not talking steal of a deal.....MAKE A DECISION! QUICK!!! :nuts:
  14. MARCELLE!!!! I love the lacing!!!!
  15. Marcelle! The cognac was my Holy Grail of Koobas until I recently was fortunate to get one NWT and I ADORE her.

    Okay...while my husband is out of the room I'll say this...

    I would buy both! LOL!!!