Oh No! I Literally Have Until 5/16 To Make Mono 35 Decision! HELP!


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Oct 4, 2006
I was bored. I admit it. I thought "today's a good day to clean out all the junk hanging around my closet....." Of course, I wish it was twice the size and hubby had a separate closet, but what can we do.....:rolleyes:

Anyway, got a huge pile of crud to sell, a pile to donate and realized 'wow - I've really seriously pared down, but darn I sure have a nice LV collection started...." I had MIL over this weekend and didn't want the Spanish Inquisition about my LVs so I was wearing my old-standby Kooba Sienna and today rushed to change back into my Damier Ebene 30.....then I unveiled another.....my never worn Mono 35 bought on 4/16/08....just under a month ago....

She was there - still flat like a pancake - receipt inside.....really really beautiful.....I love Mono....and boy, I sure get a lot of use out of my Mono Petite Noe.....

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been jonesing for a summer LV. Okay, I want the Baggy PM Fuschia, I want the Baggy GM in Lichen but what I ALSO want is a Damier Azur 30.......all I need are the funds....yeah, that tiny little detail........

So I thought "holy fudge!" (I really didn't say that, I just have to keep it clean for the boards....:graucho:) maybe I should exchange my Mono 35 for a Damier Azur 30!!!! I mean, I have my Mono thing going on here already.....oh my gosh.....what about that????

I'm afraid I'd regret it, on the other hand, it's all so transitory - you know the Mono will always be there......and I'm famous in my family for being a fickle pickle when it comes to bags.....I took stock of what I already have and they are as such:

Mono Petite Noe

Mono Speedy 25 (french co.) - don't wear her; won't sell though...

Mono Pochette

Damier Ebene 30

Epi Petite Noe in Mandarin

Baggy PM in Denim Blue....

So that's the short of it.....do I keep the Mono 35 and try to save save save save (ughhhh) for the Damier Azur 30 or exchange it for the Damier Azur 30 NOW? I literally have until the 16th which is like what? Thursday???? HOLY CHEESEBUCKETS!!! (nope, I really didn't say that either, but you know...:shame:smile:

I held the Mono 35 up and I'm like "that is one big bag on me...." No - it doesn't look as hip and cute on me as some of you chickies here - I can't help it...it's not quite as flattering on me as the 30 for whatever reason, but that's a whole OTHER thread.....:shrugs:

Thoughts? Advice? Grab me by the shoulders and say "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF MAN!" or say "EXCHANGE!! LET'S MEET THERE TOGETHER AND IT'LL BE FUN!".....

TIA TIA TIA TIA - as always and forever.........:yes::heart:


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Jun 16, 2006
I think you should return it and get yourself the Damier Azur 30. Azur is perfect for summer and will really brighten up your collection. I am a big bag girl but there is no way I would feel comfortable carrying a Speedy 35. I understand your holdbacks about it.

Big Eyes

Oct 3, 2007
O.K> May I remind you about the agony you went through procuring this BAG???? You wanted it so badly. How soon we forget! LOL I own the Mono Speedy 35 and absolutely adore it. It is so chic and so useful whether I am toting it around the neighborhood or traveling short or long distances. If you return it you will regret it. It is presently the only Speedy (not counting the new WC Aquarelle) that comes in a 35 size. So that makes it a little different than all the other Speedys. Also, I am assuming that we are not far from each other in the age category and a bigger Speedy is so becoming on a woman of years (Did I put that nicely?). Is there any way that you can get your Azur Speedy 30 as a gift from your husband? Can you think of something so wonderful that you can do for him so that he will turn around and say, "You, Darling, are such an amazing woman that I need to buy you a gift that will show you how much I appreciate your amazingness!" Com on, Girl..... think!


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Oct 4, 2006
Can you get a store credit and then take a week or so to think about it?

Actually no because it's past the 14 days? Right?
It's 14 days for the refund....right - then 30 days for the refund/exchange. Ugh....

I did agree on the thought that the 35 only comes in the Mono and WC now....but it'll always be there, right? I mean if summer is coming the Azur would probably get more play in the next few months and I have at least some time to save up for the Mono which to me, is a more fall/winter/spring bag?

I do like Big Eyes' idea about coming up with some brilliant idea about getting hubby to say "aw shucks let me buy this for you...." but I'm thinking I should just stick some stuff on eBay that I pray will sell to get the Azur 30??? Big Eyes' "ode to speedy" today really sent me into a tailspin.....:wtf: