Oh no, I just saw a snag at the bottom of my baby cabas

  1. I saw the stitching had come undone on the corner. (My camera doesn't take good close-up pics.) This is so unfair, I haven't used it even that much. Good thing, it's under a year, I'm going to chanel to repair it. I hope it's not 2 months wait.:sad:
  2. :crybaby:What a drag..........so sorry. I hope the wait is not long either, maybe they can exchange it? Of course that is a very popular bag so maybe no stock is avail. to exchange....keep fingers crossed for you.
  3. Aww, that sucks, I'm sorry!! :sad: I've only used my Khaki baby cabas a few times, and a small stich is sticking out on the braided handle ahh... I don't know what's up the with Cabas! :sad: I hope that they will exchange it for you, but if not, I'll cross my fingers for you that the repair will be really speedy!! :tup:
  4. I had problem with my baby cabas 2. One stitch is loose on one side of the quilted bottom. For god's sake, it's been less than a month. So sad, I love the bag, what is wrong with chanel?

    Anyway, I'm trying to talk to my SA and see if she could manage to replace it.
  5. all the reports of the baby cabas stitching coming loose is giving me cause to baby mine even more. makes me afraid to use it more often too. :hrmm:

    best of luck on your repair.
  6. i took mine in to Chanel and they quoted me 2-3 months. it's been a month already, i'll let you all know how the repair goes.
    don't try to tie it or touch it unnecessarily. it will just unravel until you're left with one long frayed thread and no stitching on your bag.
  7. Oh no, 2-3 months!!! :cursing: Thanks, I'm not touching it at all, it looks like it would unravel if I touched it.
  8. I used mine only a few times and I baby my bags big time and I still saw this. I have no idea what could have made it snag.:confused1: