oh no! I just fell in love with the Box.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking around the Bal forum for a while. At first I thought I liked the City, but I tried it on at BalNY about a month ago and it just wasn't for me (also, out of my budget :blush:). I kept lurking and reading, and checking out other forums. I decided I wanted a black handheld bag for everyday, something chic but roomy.

    Last week there was a price increase at LV, and the day before I got the Epi Speedy 25 on impulse. It seemed to fit all of my requirements, but looking in the mirror I can see that it's just not for me. I'm a rock and roll type, I want a Bal bag!

    So back over here, I keep one eye on the price list and another on all of your lovely bags. And I fell in love with the Box! It has similar dimensions as the Speedy, only a little more expensive, and it just looks hot! :yahoo:

    I kept reading and looking around -- and it seems they're all gone. BalNY isn't answering their phone, Diabro has none, and Aloha Rag only has white left.

    I know I definitely want Black, as this will be my first and only BBag for a long time. Am I doomed? I don't think I want a Twiggy. How does the medium Matelasse compare to the Box? Is there any hope I'll stumble upon a new black Box?
  2. BalNY is really good at returning phone calls... try to be patient (I know its hard when you have bags on the brain)
  3. Have you tried a whistle bag? I think its hot but not for me. I think the size of the dimension is tad bigger though but that would mean an extra few inches to fit your stuff. A lot of Barney's store have the Whistle bags on sale. I saw a few in Barney's at Madison for about $600-ish around the 1st week of July but the week after, they're gone.
  4. That's good to know! Their phone rang forever though, and I didn't get a chance to leave a message. But I tried emailing instead, so I'm waiting (patiently, I promise!) to hear back from that.

    EDIT: No luck, there are no Boxes at all at BalNY.
  5. I saw the whistle, but it looks like the handle drop is longer, and I'd feel awkard carrying it handheld. (I have a backpack to carry my laptop to work, so I'd like to wear my purse in my hand or on my elbow.) I think the strap across the top will get annoying, as I'm in and out of my bag and don't like to keep it unzipped in the city. But thank you for the suggestion!
  6. If you start calling your way down the reputable stores list on the Shopping page, I bet you can find one. I did the same thing yesterday for an anthracite City, and 17 calls later, I have two bags on their way. I suspect one is plomb, but there's a good chance the other is really anthracite. If you don't have a fixed color in mind, I'm sure someone will have something....
  7. Try Barney's NY. I know they had a black box not too long ago.
  8. eBay is good source for discontinued styles and colors..
  9. Sorry, I just saw that you specifically want black. Still, there's hope, if you're willing to call around. The Barneys SAs seem to be really willing to call around from store to store, and if you get someone decent at Saks, they'll check too. I was surprised at what people had when I was working down the list of stores. If I'd wanted the Anthra city with GH, I would have been set much earlier in the calls. I'm sure there's a black Box out there for you somewhere.
  10. i have seen the box pop up on ebay once in awhile. otherwise, the matelasse medium is close to the shape of the box but to me, the style is so different. i know what you mean...before i got into balenciaga, i bought a black epi 25 speedy but returned it because it was just not me. good luck on your search!
  11. :yes:
    Deffintely park yourself on ebay, and one will eventually show up. I am a huge Box fan, and have been heartbroken since they discontinued it after the S/S 06 collection. I briefly had a Medium French Blue Matelasse but it was just too big for my needs. Here are some pics to give you an idea of how big it is compared to the City, First, and Box styles. I know there are lots of Twiggy lover's out there (and of course here on the pf), but for me personally, I found the long shape a little funky looking, kind of like a loaf of bread. I currently have a Magenta Box and a Metallic Pink Box that I found in brand new condition on ebay, and for excellent prices. I would especially love to have a Box in BG Pink and 05 Turquoise, but they came out right after the 05 S/S collection. It's life span was way too short!
    In the last photo below, you can see the bottoms of the bags with a City on either side of the Matelasse, to show how much larger it is than even a City style.
  12. I know you said you wanted black, but I saw a white one at NM San Francisco on Sunday in case anyone else wants it!
  13. There's also a pale rose one on realdealcollection.com, under the Twiggy section. I know it's not even close to black, though...
  14. oooh a black box. had one of those. now she's in the hands of a lovely pf'er. good choice. it's a great size between the first and the city. the matelasse med will be too big. it's way bigger than the box as deana said. good luck at finding one!
  15. Why did they stop making the box? Do you know why they stopped making the boobie also? :sad: