OH no! I just bought from a slippery seller.

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  1. Please advise!

    I just did a BIN/immediate payment on a pair of shoes.
    When the paypal receipt went through I got quite a surprise :wtf: when I saw the real name of the seller.
    I had a problem with a skirt I bought from this seller (under another ID) last year. That item was described as perfect/excellent/exceptional etc - when it arrived it was not much more than a faded rag. I returned it, copped a 20% 're-stocking' charge, and obviously was out of pocket for shipping both ways. It left me with a bad feeling towards her. I've tried to keep up with her ID's.

    I expect the BNWB item I purchased today will be genuine but in (very) poor condition.
    Should I contact the seller before she ships? If so, what can I say to ensure that either the item is good or if otherwise we can both agree to cancel the sale?
    Should I contact paypal/ebay for their advice?
    Or should I just wait to see what she ships??? :shucks:
  2. I would just hang tight and not contact the seller just yet. Wait to see what ships and if it is not as described then open up a dispute via eBay. This way you will get all of your money back (including shipping) and not have to pay a ridiculous restocking fee due to their error. Sorry you've had to go through that before with this seller. Let us know what happens!

  3. Thank you for your advice and sympathy bulletproofsoul :smile:

    I don't think this seller will want to ship to me. I gave her some straightforward (but polite!) advice on seller's ethics last time we communicated *sigh*
  4. I would tell her that you don't wish to complete the sale and have her refund your money before she ships. Sorry this happened to you!
  5. Thanks pegasuscom.

    My instinct is to do exactly as you suggested.
  6. :thinking:

    How about I send her a note like this:

    "Before you ship my item could you please confirm that the shoes are in a brand new, fresh and unworn condition expected of brand new designer shoes?
    Last year I bought a designer skirt from you (under your old seller ID XXX). The skirt was SNAD so I returned it to you for refund, hence my concern about the shoes.
    Kind regards-"

    Does this give her an opportunity to refund before she ships as well as help me if I have to open a dispute later on?