Oh no, i just bidded and pay at EBAY!!

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  1. Saw this panda pochette at rebeccalou after missing the one at Let-Trade last night :crybaby:.... i can't bear to miss buying it again.... i clicked and bought!!!!! OMG.... can't stand myself....:yahoo:

    BUT still very MUCH can't wait to receive it.......:wlae:
  2. Don't you just hate it when you do that??? :whistle:

    Good for you! Let's see the pics when it arrives!
  3. Exactly!! I am broke already but still not able to resist the cute panda!! :graucho:

    Bad of me!! Hahaha:roflmfao:
  4. Lol congrats!
  5. I thought this thrad was going to be I just paid and I found out it was fake. LOL

    Thankfully it's not.


  6. Hahaha.... sorry for the misleading title!! :p
  7. Lol!
    Those darn cute pandas:cursing:
    i want a panda pochette! :nuts:
  8. Thanks everyone!! I will post pics once my dear panda is here...hopefully very soon.....:woohoo:
  9. Lol Congratulations.
  10. how exciting, congrats.
  11. So rebeccalou is a reputable seller? I was thinking of buying one of her items. Anyone have something shipped to USA? Are there any issues with Customs?
  12. Congrats..!
  13. That's funny. Congratulations. Don't sweat it, you're gonna enjoy your bag alot!
  14. Oh.... :hysteric:can't wait for the parcel to reach Singapore next week!!! The mail will roughly take 7 days.....:yucky: