Oh no i have to admit - another bag!!!

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  1. ahh its awful - after a really hard day with two children under three and a husband away on a business trip - i purchased another bag on line - I've only just got my new saddle mabel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is def the last bag for me - I've wanted one of these for a year but just worried about whether it suits me and the weight etc - so now i've got it - i can stop thinking about it - hopefully this is the end of my bag lust! Please reassure me that i am not a crazy women as i don't have a closet as big as Croxleys - so i cant get anymore bags!!! :shrugs:
  2. the bag is a choc roxanne!
  3. After such a day you deserve something nice! What did you buy??
  4. Congratulations, real classic beauty!
  5. thanks - i hope i love it! spent enough time looking through the roxanne thread so i think i made the right decision
  6. Well done, such a classic bag!
  7. :wtf: another bag? Oh to heck with it, any woman who can cope with two young kids all day long, deserves a medal, or in our case a Mulberry! :smile:
  8. I've got 3 kids 6yrs and under and a DH in Singapore on business- can I get another bag too!!!!!????

    No mustn't- I'll lose my competition with SJ. i can understand the tempation after a hard day though!!! hoep you love it when it arrives!
  9. Lovely addition to your collection! Two bags in one year is not bad at all (just ignore the fact that it's just started) Congrats :heart:
  10. Oh yes Jo, I think you deserve another new bag, definitely!! :P
  11. I am sure you deserve it - enjoy! As ratrat just said, two bags in one year is not bad at all. (Four is not so bad either, is it?):nuts:
  12. Yay for you!!!! :biggrin:
  13. i shouldnt use the children as an excuse really - but bags do make me feel alot better. Flyvetjo - you had better get three bags !
  14. I agree, you Mothers deserve a bag as a reward to cope with EACH child, so flyvetjo, you can have three. Now, how many can I have for putting up with 5 cats? :graucho:
  15. Wonderful News :smile: Perfect choice :tup: Congrats on your lovely new handbag. I'm sure she will be perfect for you and you will love her to bits.
    Would love to see some photo's when she arrives.