oh no! i FEEL like a horrible person!

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  1. soo i feel like a really bad friend!!

    here's the deal --

    my friend just got back from vegas with a new goody! [ a cambon tote from chanel, to be exact! ]

    and i am SOOOO jealous!!!

    I :heart: her dearly .. & i swear I'm not a bad, caddy, trash talking friend [ but i figured i could vent to u guys a little & you'd understand! :smile: ]

    for one .. she's really not into labels .. & has never had a designer bag before. .. she does :heart:coach & has ALWAYS wanted one .. but man oh man .. did she blow the whole coach thing out of the water .. haha!!

    & secondly .. her boyfriend that she's been with for like 4 years bought it for her -- and she CHEATS on him! haha! [ i know that's not funny .. but ya :smile: ]

    ok - so i know i'm sounding like 12 year old bratty girl .. lol! [ NO OFFENSE! ] .. but grrr .. i want that bag! HAHA! & since it's discontinued .. i know i'll probably not be able to get one! ( i know i can find one .. but can't financially buy it quite yet! )

    && ya .. i have multiple louis' .. gucci's .. coach's etc .. i'm just so jealous that she got the chanel one before ME!

    LOL! so i total sound like a brat & i love her to pieces [ && i really am a good friend & am happy for her! ] .. but with all the factors that i've mentioned .. aren't i allowed to be a little jealous .. and a little irratated???! HAHA!! :smile:
  2. haha it's all good. i know my friend is jealous of me because i bought the gucci she wanted and she at the time couldn't afford it so she bought the similar less expensive style that has less detail. everytime she sees my gucci she goes "i hate you i want this bag." lol.
  3. It's alright lol. This shows that you're human.

    When I was about 11 or 12 and those Bratz Dolls first came out.. it was basically competition between me and my friends to see who could get the latest one first. And before Bratz, we had competitions to see who could get the newest Polly Fashions (these small tiny plastic dolls that have bunches of rubber clothing and houses, cars, etc.).

    I think it's just girl's nature to always want to get something before her friends lol. I know I sure do!
  4. As a 12 year old bratty girl, I take offense!

    Ok..phwew! Cause I was about to say!
  5. It's all good! You'll be revenged soon enough! :yes:
  6. lol! ya .. @ the rate i'm going .. i'll have a new one again soon, and then i won't even think twice about the situation.

    i'm actually kinda over it .. & feel a little bad how i reacted about it yesterday! lol!

    oh well .. what better of a place to act like a "brat" then here! :biggrin:
  7. It's alright. We're only human! I've felt like this before (my cousin is exactly like your friend, and got a Jumbo Flap before I even had the money to). But then I found out it was a fake and it was aaall goood again!