Oh No!! how to find a bag that was just taken out of stores?

  1. >< i always do this, when i finally decide it is TDF, they send it back to the warehouse!!:wtf: im looking for the pretty fabric messenger from the spring 2006 line. can anyone give me some pointers on how to find it? i thought it would be great for work and school. TIA!!:wlae:
  2. oh i feel so stupid about letting this one go, i dont know why i overlooked it..
  3. oh those are cute, but im looking for the fabric ones. but thanks for thinking of me!
  4. oops! sorry! i didnt even know the pretty messengers came in anything else but nylon..
  5. np :smile:

    anyone know if i can call HQ?
  6. still no luck : ( was hoping to use it for classes.
  7. have you tried calling the boutiques? M by MJ in NY, LA, SF, not sure where else
  8. Yeah :sad: did so the day after the official lines came in. Said they already shipped it to "HQ". I also emailed the MJ contacts people but no response. Very sad, that was the perfect bag for my needs.
  9. I haven't seen it on ebay, have you?!
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