oh no! How could I forget to include this in my tos


Jul 9, 2006
I started selling on ebay since ebay was a little website that no one knew about. However I quit about 2 years ago (you guys think ebay is bad now? I quit because it was getting bad then :sad:) , and today I just started selling again.

I didn't expect anyone to buy anything right away because I'm mostly selling about a room full of stuff of mismatched stuff that if it can't sell, it goes to the trashbin or charity.

I came home 5 hours later and somebody already bought and paid for an auction.

My problem? I forgot to include it must be from a confirmed address in my Terms of Service. T_T

Ok so I can't renig now, what can I do to protect myself in the event of an unconfirmed address since I already know paypal isn't going to protect me. Insurance? Delivery Confirmation?


Jan 3, 2007
Happend to me before. Winner had an unconfirmed address and filed an "Item Not Received" complaint with Paypal. Paypal ruled in my favor because I had a Delivery Confirmation number. I suggest that you do the same (insurance can be expensive).

Unfortunately the buyer still left neg. feedback. It's based on the honor system, and some aren't so honorable :sad: But you're able to defend yourself in the "follow-up".

I've had nearly 1500 transactions on eBay and this only happened to me once, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you buy the postage directly from Paypal, they provide free Delivery Confirmation with Priority Mail (discounted to something like .14 cents if you go with First Class or Parcel Post).

Hope this helps :smile: