Oh no here we go again....Tiffany's

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  1. Hi all,
    So I haven't been into Tiffany's for a while. A few years ago when I started I was buying pieces especially Tiffany's Silver jewelry and Elsa Peretti on a regular basis. I stop for about a year until I saw the new Color By the Yard in SS by E.Peretti.....I am so in trouble. :P
    This is what I got so far yesterday!
    Sorry for the bad pic I am at work. But I got the diamond and aquamarine CBTY SS bracelets. I just realize I need to round it out so I went a head and ordered the pink sapphire one. My question is would that be too much?
  2. Lovely!!! Congratulations! Did you see the pink sapphire by the yard bracelets & necklaces?? Are they pretty IRL? That's what's next on my list.
  3. Very pretty! please post bigger pics if you can
  4. They look very pretty - congrats and enjoy!
  5. I love it! I stack a 3stone diamond and platinum bracelet with a 3 stone pink sapphire dbty bracelet I love how they look together. I would definitely go for an aquamarine to round it out....sometime soon :smile:
  6. I think all three would look great together!
  7. That looks cute! Since the bracelets are so delicate, I don't think adding a third one would be too much at all- it would be really fun!
  8. Would love to see a pic...sounds gorgeous!
    MYME...as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier. I love a stacked look!!!
  9. beautiful!! congrats!!
  10. So pretty! Looks great on your wrist.
  11. No kidding and definitely you should be the other one ;), why not? This collection is very fun and you should play with it as much as you can.

    Congrats on your new piece/s, and to be ;)
  12. That is too cute.
  13. Ohhh sounds beautiful! Can you please please please share a pic? :graucho:
  14. Thanks all. :smile: I feel better about it. The bracelets are so affordable. I will post a better pic when I get my pink sapphire one. I am so excited.
  15. #15 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    mymeimei02, it looks really beautiful :smile: