Oh no! Help :(

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  1. What can I use to clean my bag? I have the small hobo (canvas) in black/silver. It has an awful stain on it after taking it to the bar one night (how stupid, right?) Is there anything I can use to possibly get the stain out?
  2. baby wipes. and mild soap and water.
  3. is it signature? if it is and the baby wipes and dove soap dont work stop by coach and pick up the signature fabric cleaner.
  4. Sorry I should have been more specific. It's this one.
    Picture 244.jpg
  5. yes, definately try soap first. be careful when cleaning so you dont get water or soap on any of the other parts of the bag. let us know how it turned out.
  6. The Coach signature fabric cleaner should do the trick. :yes:
  7. Thanks so much! I'll definitely let you all know how it turns out... if I have any problems I suppose I'll go pick up some of the cleaner.