Oh No!!!!Help!

  1. Omg!!!! On the bottom of my new COACH tote, on the suede, there is a black mark where the crease is....:crybaby: Does anyone know how to get marks out of suede?
  2. Seriously, try an emory board and gently rub and it should come out slowly.

    I stay away from suede bags myself just for this reason though.
  3. Thanks I will try this. The whole bag isn't suede, just the bottom of it and the sides. And when I put it down, it must have gotten dirty on the bottom. You don't really even notice it, because it is on the bottom, but I am obsessive about things like that.
  4. If the emery board doesn't work, you could also try a suede eraser or some spray-on suede cleaner.
  5. Thank you!!!! The emery board is actually working!:tup:
  6. use a non colored emory board so the color doesn't rub off