oh no help ladies


Sep 2, 2006
I am so mad,:cursing: i listed my Bordeaux City last night on ebay and i woke up this morning to check on it and it has been removed by ebay.:crybaby: I know this happened to some of you ladies too.:shrugs: What should i do? i think it had bids too.:crybaby:
Bless your heart! I'm so sorry....can't you just relist? Have you emailed them or called to see why they did it? eBay stinks sometimes! :censor:
OooHH, so sorry for you! Couldn't it be that it was removed because somebody reported it as a fake? It happened to Fayden. That's so stupid, it was so obviously genuine (and gorgeous). Did you write to ebay?
I just used the live help option and chated with a rep. but he said i have to write to the safety dept.:cursing: I am going to call them and scream at someone. :hysteric: I don't think writting is going to do any thing. Where is Bama, i know this happened to her too.:sad:
ca u send an email to ebay customer servcie and asked for reason?
i've experience this once because someone reported it as a fake. but i managed to list it again with success...