Oh No - Help! Birth Control Question

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  1. I had a HUGE "Duh" moment this morning and took a birth control pill --- only to remember that I had taken one just hours before!!!! This means I took an "extra" birth control pill. Does anyone know what will happen? What should I do now? My next pill is suppose to be for Wednesday evening (tonight) but I just popped it a few minutes ago. Do I skip tonight's pill?

    Ack! I am so retarded. :s
  2. That's why I don't do the pills. I'm too irresponsible to remember when to take it. I had my doctor give me an IUD which last for 5 years and my health insurance covered all but $60 of it.

    To answer your question, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just skip tonights.
  3. you'll be fine. sometimes i forget to take it and take it the next day so its basically the same thing. when in doubt just call your doc to confirm. :yes:
  4. with most bith control pills, taking one pill at the wrong time will not put you at risk for pregnancy. consider your pill for today taken and take your next one tomorrow night as usual.
  5. I agree with Amanda, but if you happen to have sex within the next few days, if you're worried, use a backup method like a condom or even vaginal contraceptive foam. Just to be on the safe side. :smile:
  6. I just started taking the pill again last week (after a 5 year hiatus, and 3 kids later!). I read the HUGE instruction pamphlet that came with it from top to bottom! If you missed the pill yesterday, it says to take yesterday's pill as soon as possible and take your today's pill today at your usual time.

    Just behave yourself tonight (no hanky panky), just in case, and you'll be fine!
  7. When I have accidentally "doubled up" I have always gotten really nauseaus. Ugh - I HATE the pill it's a complete PITA. I just started the nuvaring... seems easy so far.

    You should be fine, but yeah, condoms for a few days, just in case?
  8. Thank you everyone! I'm not as much concerned about the lack of effectiveness about the pill as much as I wasn't sure if it would give me some sort of freaky hormonal overdose? Is that even possible? lol.

    I guess I should elaborate and say that I had actually missed Monday's pill so I took it at 11pm on Tuesday. Then I woke up and realized that forgot to take Tuesday night's pill (I realized this in a groggy walk to the bathroom) so I popped on in my hazy stupor. And then I woke up this morning and couldn't remember if I had dreamt that I took the pill last night? So during my "duh" moment I took tonight's pill!

    So essentially, I took 3 pills within a 10 hour period. 1 being the "ooops, I forgot Monday's" pill, 1 for the "on-time Tuesday " pill, and 1 as the "extra Wednesday pill" that was suppose to be taken tonight.

    I'm a moron.
  9. You'll be fine. Back when the pill was first introduced (70s?), the dosages were far higher than they are today, and women still took them every day. You shouldn't get any sort of freaky hormone overdosage going on.
  10. You can always call your pharmacist. They generally know more about side effects, etc. than MDs. (And any MDs here, please don't blast me for saying that. I totally respect you for what you do; I'm just saying pharmacists are specialists in this one thing.)
  11. You will be totally fine. I have done the exact same thing before- just resume as normal tomorrow.

    BTW- we have really missed you around here! Especially in Chloe!!! Come back and visit- not the same without you!!!!
  12. And this is why I do Depo....I would probably take 5 pills thinking I didn't take 1...I just don't have a great memory when it comes to this sorta thing
  13. :yes: the extra pills shouldn't hurt you at all. Just be sure not to skip days...it's better to take too many than too few if you are actually relying on them for protection!
  14. Trust me...no biggy! You won't grow a third breast or anything:p