Oh no,help! 32cm Rigid Coming. MISTAKE?? Is this too BIG??

  1. I'm worried. I'm new, and I've been following the thread titled, "the old 32cm vs 28cm debate". It seems like a majority of you are not fans of a 32cm Sellier. This is exactly what I just bought. It's on the way now, and suddenly I'm afraid it's too big. I thought it was classic? Was I mistaken?
    NOTE: I'm 5'6" and sz 4. Please let me know.:s
  2. Well I personally LOVE the 32cm Sellier, and I'm much shorter than you are, at 5'1". In fact, I have a casual eye out for just the right 35cm Sellier for myself!

    I don't think you did the wrong thing. You bought what made YOUR heart sing. Who cares about anyone else's opinion?? It hit you right, and you loved it until you heard others saying they thought a smaller bag was better, blah blah blah.

    The bottom line is that in my opinion there are NO RULES!! Buy what you love, use what you buy, and if it ends up being wrong for you, then the good news is that it's Hermes and it's a great investment which you can probably end up recouping your money on anyway.

    So, no worries, right?
  3. I think it's different for everyone. I'm 5'3", size 2-4, and own both sizes. I definitely prefer the 32. Bottom line--it's an Hermes, so don't worry--whatever you purchase will be classic ;)
  4. 5-6 is a good height for many bags in different sizes. Don't worry about it. It's an Hermes, I'm sure once it arrives, it'll just grow on you! Congrats!
  5. Well, actually my 1st choice was 28, but the bag was perfect in every other way. Plus, I thought to myself that 32 is classic...you can't go wrong. Those 3cm did not seem like a reason to pas up the color, leather and HW. But, you're right. I am impressionable, so it's good to hear that you're happy with yours. Thank you.
  6. ^Do post photos when you get her. I'm sure you'll look lovely!
  7. A 32 cm rigid Kelly is my absolutely favourite size and type, and I am 5'2". I love how much it can hold (including a fold up umbrella) and still look so chic. Great choice in my mind....
  8. What color is your new Kelly?

  9. This is the really worrisome part, because I went by a picture, and now I'm reading that it may be quite different than I thought. It's Vache Ligee in Rouge Hermes w/Gold HW.
    I thought that Rouge H was redder, and a bit lighter in the VL because of the 2 tone. But, in the thread called "calling all rouge experts", it says that VL is the darkest rouge H of all. I'm worried it will be a brownish maroon, instead of a merlot red. Do u know? Thanks for asking, by the way......:s
  10. I have a 32 kelly sellier in noisette VL...I really like it....not sure how the rouge h will look in that leather though. Hope it's to your liking when you receive it! Don't forget to post pics!
  11. I have a 32cm and love it!
  12. 1. To Bijoux: Yes, I'll post pictures of this and my new Birkin too.

    2. To Guccigal: Thanks for the nod. By the way, have you ever seen VL in RougeH? I
    may start 1 more thread to see what people say. This one has already helped.

    bye for now........
  13. I agree:tup:
  14. I think when you see your rouge h you are going to fall in love.....
    I know I did....mine is clemence, a bolide. But rouge h is like a gift that keeps on giving.....

    fingers crossed for you!!!
  15. I am a proud owner of Kelly 32 Sellier and I absolutely adore it! I'm only 5'3". With your height, it should look fine on you. Anything smaller will be good for an evening bag.

    ITA with CynthiaNYC. As long as the bag makes your heart sings, why care about what other people say? :smile: