Oh NO!!! Have I missed out?????

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  1. i really wanted the monogram groom cles. i went to get it on eluxury today but alas....not listed?? i havent tried to call 866 yet but does anyone know if this item is totally sold out or is it just out of stock on eluxury??

    thanks. im freakin out. lol. i cried. shhh.
  2. If you do a search of "Groom", it comes up but it is sold out. Might come back up though. They often do.
  3. Yeah they've had the Groom stuff on there quite a bit lately. Just keep checking and it'll come up eventually.
  4. thanks. i didnt rush on it cause i figured it wouldnt be thattttt popular ya know. but i guess cause christmas is comming.
  5. I think it's still avail in stores. :yes:
  6. I am sure they are still in stores...when I was in LV last week they had most of the pieces.
  7. They are still readily available in stores.
  8. thanks guys i feel a lot better.
  9. I wouldn't wait to long tho...probably pretty close to being sold out.
  10. There's tons available at the Naples, FL boutique! The SAs are super nice, and helpful!
  11. i don't think it's sold out yet....good luck finding yours!! :smile:
  12. I dont think it is sold out.
  13. The grooms are back up on the elux site.. Good luck
  14. The always pop back up on elux eventually! Good luck!
  15. Yes:yes: