Oh no...friend spilled Listerine on 06-caramel Day

  1. B-bag friends...what should she do? It happened on Sunday and the stain has dried and looks like a watermark. Anything she can do other than having the bag redyed? Maybe use apple cleaner or LMB cleaner??? TIA!
  2. Eside, I'm so sorry to hear this happened to your day :o(

    From what I've heard and tried watermarks cannot be removed at home. I tried Apple Cleaner and it removed the shine and left the water stain! Not what I was going for.

    Lovin' My Bags says they can remove watermarks...but I have no idea if they refinish them or use a special cleaner. Maybe give them and ArtBag a call tomorrow to see if they can help. Good luck!
  3. akk! I dont know how to remove the watermark- you might not be able to- i think the listerine might have moved the dye around... best of luck getting it fixed, i hope there is a remedy
  4. Eeks, Listerine contains alcohol, I wonder if it affected the dye... sorry to hear about this, I hope this works out somehow!
  5. OMG that is bad news indeed! Listerine can remove plaque, and anything that strong that a dentist has to hack out of your teeth with a dentist's drill has to do some serious damage. Doubt you can remove the stain...see if Lovin My Bags can help, so sorry to hear!
  6. OMG!! i don't know if i can help u :crybaby:
    so sorry to hear that...
  7. omg! i wouldn't even know where to start. at least your bag will have fresh breath and be plaque and germ free! :yes:

    I did read on another forum about this lady who had a HUGE water stain on her bag... (and this lady's got balls) she put her entire bag in a bath tub to make the rest of the bag match the stain.....

    I do not recommend that!
  8. :roflmfao:
    I meant to say: "my friend spilled Listerine on HER 06-caramel Day". I will tell her that she probably needs to send it to LMB. Thanks yall!
  9. Considering the backlog they apparently have at LMB, maybe your friend ought to try Artbag.com to see if they can help remove the watermark. Loads of luck!
  10. Yikes! Poor girl! It wouldn't hurt for her to try using appleguard - though it probably won't work. I hope she figures something out, I would be so bummed if something happened to one of my bags.
  11. :shocked: my heart stopped when I read the post title...so sorry!!! I would try using some LMB cleaner, or try conditioning it until the tone evens out more? Good luck!!! :flowers:
  12. At least it will smell minty fresh!

    sorry that happened, my biggest fear is to spill something on my bags!
  13. how awful!!!!
    i don't even know what to say... listerine is so strong; i always feel like it's burning my mouth off.
  14. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OMG!