Oh no! *Eggplant* Purse up on eBay!

murasaki said:
Thanks girls for your support! That is what I love about this forum. :amuse:

I woke up this morning and for a brief moment, I wasn't thinking about the eggplant purse. But once I remembered it all from last night, thoughts started circulating in my head:

- Sell eggplant twiggy since I already have one in calcaire.
- Keep both eggplants, sell calcaire (noo!!)
- Sell whiskey paddy? But I'm still attached to it.
- Will Purse be too similar to City.

Ah, don't you love when your mind just gets all wrapped up in handbags~! Must think about work now... :wacko:

Mlert - I did wonder initially if that eggplant purse was from your blog. So glad it is! It's gorgeous!
I say get the purse and sell the eggplant twiggy. I think you should definitely keep your calcaire...it is such a beautiful color as well :love:
I have the med eggplant motorcycle and my tassles are split as well. I also have a black and olive that have split. I am not sure why they do that. I would get the eggplant arena. If it was $1000 I am sure someone would have bought it by now. Good luck!
i think the splitting of the tassels is just normal wear and tear-

i say- sell me your calcaire twiggy. :lol: and then buy the eggplant purse... nah- sell the eggplant twiggy if you think the purse will take it's place... i think the twiggy carries more or less the same amount as the purse.
Ooooh if you do decide to sell you eggplant twiggy I'd be very interested! I think you should just stick to your instincts and see which of your bags you love the most and use the most and then decide.
murasaki said:
BTW, one of the tassles on the eggplant purse has a horizontal split. I have this same horizontal split on both my eggplant bags and I got it like that. Anyone else ever see this weird splits in older bags? It's like Balenciaga tried to join multiple pieces because they didn't have enough leather to make a tassle that long. It's weird. It's like someone took a sharp blade and cut one layer at an angle.

I've noticed the weird split thing on eggplants a whole lot. I believe the seller has new tassles though, so that's one less thing to worry about. Maybe you can wait until the last day and swipe it at $1300? :smile:
I don't know! :wacko:

Do I *really* want to drop $1300 on the purse? Do I have enough oomph to sell the twiggy? Would I like the purse better than the twiggy?? I guess no one could answer that for me... I'll definitely wait until the day it ends to decide if I want the purse or not.

Don't worry girls, if I take another eggplant, I'll be sure to put one back in the marketplace. :P

Is anyone else interested in getting the eggplant purse??? Or is it really more expensive than it's worth? I don't know why I'm such an eggplant nut. :shame:
Wow, a eggplant purse is very rare! I can't stop staring at it...but $1300 is a bit steep...*sigh*

Why dont you buy the purse first and see how you like it compared to the twiggy and take it from there?
I saw that auction this morning. Love the color; I think if you want it, you should go for it now. Yes, it is expensive but how many other chances will you have to grab the eggplant? :love:

Good luck with your decision!!
Well.. that's one thing I love about ebay. I have seen eggplants in the past. Some have gone way above retail and few have stayed at retail price so it all depends.