Oh no! *Eggplant* Purse up on eBay!


Balenciaga Forever
Jan 7, 2006
Girls, just when I thought I was safe for the time being from handbag-buying (well the mousse pocket paddy I felt completed my bag collection until now), this gorgeous beauty that has eluded me forever pops up on eBay. A TDF eggplant purse! But super expensive~! :amazed:


What to do?! I am completely nuts about eggplant and I've wanted the "purse" size for a long time. It's so rare and pretty!

I have to give up a bag for this and I don't want to. :sad2:

And the thing is, I already have two eggplant bags. I don't want to be selfish and "hoard" a bunch of eggplant bags. If I do let one go, it might be my eggplant twiggy.

Argh! The agony! :sad:
Oooohhh eggplant twiggy. sounds beautiful.. I'm back into purple being my favorite color again. just bought my daughter a purple stroller yesterday .hehehe. you should sell the twiggy and get the purse.. it will definetly hold more. :biggrin:
that bag is gorgeous! i personally love the twiggy style though and if you already have it keep it!! haha but if you'll be happier with the style on ebay then don't miss your last chance to get it because you will definetely be able to find a new home for your eggplant bbags!!
Murasaki, meditate on the beauty of your new mousse Paddington...

...then if you still want the eggplant purse (and I think we ALL know that you will!), I am sure someone here would love to take the eggplant Twiggy off your hands!
That eggplant purse was actually in my hands for a tiny bit, but I swapped it with the owner for her dolma green city. I have been beating my head against the wall for giving it up ever since! It's got amazing leather.

(you should get it! :smile:)
it's soooo lovely...:nuts: :love:

mlertpac i miss your bag hunting adventures:shame: :shame: and i am honestly dying to go to HK asap to buy an apple green city..you're in Bangkok now right? any chance of returning to HK?;)
Thanks girls for your support! That is what I love about this forum. :amuse:

I woke up this morning and for a brief moment, I wasn't thinking about the eggplant purse. But once I remembered it all from last night, thoughts started circulating in my head:

- Sell eggplant twiggy since I already have one in calcaire.
- Keep both eggplants, sell calcaire (noo!!)
- Sell whiskey paddy? But I'm still attached to it.
- Will Purse be too similar to City.

Ah, don't you love when your mind just gets all wrapped up in handbags~! Must think about work now... :wacko:

Mlert - I did wonder initially if that eggplant purse was from your blog. So glad it is! It's gorgeous!
I would just sell the eggplant twiggy, as you have a bag in that style. The purse is a different shape than the city, so you would be ok there. Buy the PURSE!!!
I know.. different shape. Gosh, I'd have to count on being the only bidder at $1300. It's already darn expensive. I'm not willing to pay more than that.

BTW, one of the tassles on the eggplant purse has a horizontal split. I have this same horizontal split on both my eggplant bags and I got it like that. Anyone else ever see this weird splits in older bags? It's like Balenciaga tried to join multiple pieces because they didn't have enough leather to make a tassle that long. It's weird. It's like someone took a sharp blade and cut one layer at an angle.