Oh No Dude's '03 Lilac and Apple Green City!!!

  1. Dude just listed an '03 lilac and is listing a mint Apple Green City!!!:cry:
  2. are you kidding me? there's nothing I want more than a '03 lilac, I bet that one is going steep..
  3. I am not kidding, I almost had a coronary while typing this, starting bid
    is $1299.....if you want it I'd email her asap :yes:
  4. wow the lilac is TDF! i love it.....:love:
  5. I know Sweetsparkle...it is gorgeous isn't it!? :P
  6. I don't see the Apple Green...is it gone that fast already? :cry: I'd give my right arm for it!
  7. The 03 lilac color is gorgeous in person, especially with the silver hardware! Good luck mlertpac, I hope you get it!
  8. i love how the silver hardware compliments the lilac color!! i want this but it might be too expensive. i just emailed her asking for a BIN.
  9. Geez... this one is tempting too... !!

    Very very pretty!
  10. She hasn't listed it yet, it is on the way....
  11. I think maybe it just hasn't shown up on the search yet, keep an eye out! It takes about 3-4 hours (at least for me) for items I put up for sale to appear.
  12. ^^ Ohh, thanks for clearing that up, Chloe and murasaki! That's what I get for jumping ahead and not reading carefully! :lol:
  13. I know I want one so badly too!! :P
  14. I think I'm going to sit out on this one. :shame:
    I love the bag a whole lot ever since I saw it on the arm of a woman at a trade show, but I'm afraid I'll get it and the poor bag will never see the light of day as I toil away in grad school. Good luck to those that want it! :flowers:
  15. Aww, you sure??

    It's funny that you mention that.... none of my old b-bags really make it out of the dustbag except for one but I love them to death and I take them out to admire every now and then. :shame:
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