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  1. I have fallen deeply and utterly in love with the Suhali L'Ingenieux PM.

    I blame Chloe_Concord. I saw her post and thought "Gee, I dunno know what a L'Epanoui looks like." Which led me to the Suhali page of eluxury. We just refinanced our house and took some cash out for home improvements. We don't really need a new kitchen floor, do we?
  2. Hee hee. I would love that bag in white. So pretty.
  3. Beautiful! :love: I can see why you love it.
  4. I had never even HEARD of Suhali anything until about 4 days ago.
    I am on the express train to Broketown. :smile:
  5. I like this doctor bag alot!
  6. pretty!
  7. gorgeous. the members of this forum are such enablers ;P
  8. Oh it's gorgeous :love:
  9. It is a beautiful bag. Maybe the floors can wait a bit .... lol
  10. :love: Love it in white!