Oh no, did I mess up?

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  1. Hey there all. I listed a bag on Bonanzle awhile back, but it sat around for a month never being sold and I forgot about it. The other day someone contacted me with a Best Offer and I accepted. They paid right away, I printed out a shipping label the same day and sent it out the next. However, my big concern is, I think I may have underestimated the weight. The bag weighs about 2.5 lbs (according to Bluefly, where I originally bought it) and so I estimated the small 10x10x10 box, some tissue paper, the dustbag and a note to make up another .5 lb, making my total weight for the package 3 lbs.

    BUT I browsed through my email history and found the original invoice for the bag from Bluefly and saw that the original package was 3.8 lbs. I shipped it USPS which, as you may know, rounds up to the next pound even if you're only an ounce over (meaning I'd be about $2.55 off in shipping charges). I'm worried I may have been a couple ounces over and not have known it and my buyer might get charged or the bag might be sent back to me. What can I do? The bag is already off for delivery. Should I tell my buyer or just wait and see what happens? Help!
  2. I think you should let her know you may have messed up and there might be postage due at delivery. You might want to offer reimbursement after delivery.
  3. Do you think it would be possible for me to call the post office and see if the weight is larger than 3 lbs? And then maybe I could pay for the difference over the phone with a credit card if it is? Anyone know?
  4. I dont think so, its in the system so if anything the buyer would owe extra postage
  5. just let her know. If you inform her she will be prepared for it, therefore she can't get angry (or she shouldn't at least). Everyone makes mistakes ;)
  6. Alright, I sent her a message apologizing and telling her I'd refund her the money if they charge her postage upon delivery. It'd only be a couple of dollars so I hope that it doesn't bother her too much. She paid really promptly and has good feedback (her toolhaus was great too), so I don't want to scare off a potentially good buyer.
  7. I have read on various forums quite a few instances where sellers put 10 oz. or something on obviously larger & heavier items and mailed them first class in order to pay less shipping. There's a good chance your package will go through without even being noticed that it is a few ounces over weight.
  8. @juicy.97: I know, and that's what I'm hoping happens (or it is actually 3 lbs) but it was probably best to let the buyer know just in case. I know I'd be upset if I rec'd a package and had to pay extra charges.
  9. Oh I totally agree about letting the buyer know. I just meant that hopefully it will go through without being noticed. Hope it all works out!
  10. It should go on through. I accidentally put a Medium Flat Rate label on a Large Flat Rate box and it went through with no problems. You did the right thing by letting her know ahead of time. That was nice.
  11. There is no guarantee that it will go through. Sometimes they catch it and return it to the sender or bill the buyer. I had one instance where the seller used the large flat rate box and paid for regular shipping and the PO wouldn't release the package without collecting the difference ($9 something). I wasn't really upset but did let the seller know and she reimbursed me for it. I had a package returned to me as well by my local PO because I paid for a 4lb package and it weighed 4lb and 1oz...
  12. A seller did this to me (medium flat rate label on a large box). I was sent a notice and had to go to the Post Office and pay the difference in order to receive the package. It wasn't a big deal but it made me wonder if this was something the seller frequently did in order to save money....and how often it is caught. :shrugs:
  13. I actually called USPS and they said that because I used their online Click N' Ship the buyer wont be charged. If it is off my account on their website will be. So she shouldn't have to pay anything. I just hope she doesn't think I'm crazy sending her a message apologizing for possible delivery charges and then sending her another one a few hours later going "oh, wait nvm....". :blush:
  14. ^^Don't worry about it! I think buyers are happier with a seller that gives them too much information vs one that doesn't say anything. And imagine the worst case, if you didn't say anything and she had to pay at the PO, she could have been PISSED.
    It's good to know that extra postage gets charged to the buyer when you buy online. Another benefit to printing out your own postage!
  15. I didnt know that either about the extra postage. I always print my labels online as well. When I did it, I emailed the buyer and offered to send her the extra $$ if she was charged since I did charge her for the Medium flat rate box price and it was my mistake. She was super nice and just glad I gave her the heads up.