Oh No! Clogged Pores Problem

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  1. I had finally cleared up my skin for the most part but a pigment corrective I use badly clogged my pores. I didn’t use it regularly before so didn’t realize but lately I had been using it 2x a day as per instructions. When I look in the mirror like the front of my face, it looks fine. Also feels soft and smooth. But when I look in a diff mirror on the side and natural light comes in the window, I can see tiny little bumps on the sides of my face. When I squeeze them, white stuff comes out. I think they must be clogged pores. I have been using retinol (philosophy booster caps) for about a week, I exfoliate daily, and also use philosophy hope in a bottle with salicylic acid and it says on the bottle it is for congested skin.

    It’s only been a week but I did have this problem before but I thought it had cleared up. Before the bumps were larger and you could feel them but now they are tiny but so numerous that they just annoy me. I don’t use a toner, could that be a solution? I was thinking of Peter Thomas Roth or DDF 10% glycolic toner (can’t remember if its PTR or DDF)

    Anyone have recommendations on how to clear these bumps up? And how long would it generally take? I need to have clear skin by the end of September, do you all think that’s possible? I just have this bumps problem and very very light scars that are slowly fading.

    Thanks everyone
  2. You shouldn't be exfoliating every day, by doing so you are triggering your pores to produce more oil. Toning is such an important step in a cleansing routine, I would recommend Boscia Clear complexion tonic.
  3. My dermatologist said that I can use my Clarisonic brush every day with the blue (sensitive) head attached. For the clogged pores, they prescribed Differin, but said that it can take up to 3 months to work. Now my derm knows my skin type etc, so this may be too much for your skin. You should be seeing a dermatologist every six months anyway to check your skin for growths etc, so you should speak to your Dr. about it.

    I wish you well,

  4. thanks for the help.

    i haven't been to a derm in years, probably since my early teens (21 now). I was given differin then and my skin totally flaked and I gave up using it. My own fault, I just wasn’t interested in skin care back then.

    I find the bumps to be less visible in the morning but get more noticeable as the day goes on. So by afternoon they are kinda bad. Maybe it is to do with the weather? I’m in texas and it is pretty humid.

    I will get a toner and start using that in my routine. Hopefully that helps along with retinol. I might even try some sort of peel or microdermabrasion in a few weeks.