Oh no! Can't get over the Gallery tote!

  1. Oh! I don't know what's wrong w/ me...I just can't get over the Gallery tote, and I'm kicking myself for not getting the one from eBay....that was the best deal I've seen on eBay since:sad: I'm very far from any outlets, and by the time I actually get to an outlet, they will be gone! I guess is wasn't meant to be...who knows, I'm going home next weekend, maybe I can run to the Pittsburgh outlets....but home is 2 hrs. away from Pittsburgh...:push: Maybe I should just give up the search and accept that I don't need anymore bags at the moment. Sorry, I just needed to rant:crybaby:
  2. Which gallery tote are you looking for - east/west or north/south and what color?

    I saw them at the Carlsbad outlet last Saturday but didn't note the price.
  3. Just keep searching LA, I am sure you will find her. I would keep on searching on eBay. You can do it! Who knows, Coach might come out with more gallery totes later this year.
  4. Oh I'm so sorry!!! I know how you feel! I bought a large ergo tote in black at the outlet last time I went and then took it back before I left for the day because I wasn't sure. I have been thinking about it since. I was actually just checking ebay to see if there were any decent priced ones. I just posted on another thread that the only coach I want at the moment is a swing pack, but I still want the ergo tote in black!!! UGH. I should just buy it.. I mean, I AM returning that straw tote.

    Sorry for the rant.. I didn't mean for that all to come out.. LOL

    I say, keep looking on ebay, one will come up. Good luck... what color do you want?
  5. Either actually. I'm not close to any outlets really. There was a great deal on ebay just the other day, and I talked myself out of it, now I'm kicking myself...the prices have since then gone up drasticly!

    Thanks for your response!
  6. Thank you! I will keep trying ebay. And if I don't get one now, I do hope they come out w/ a new version just as nice as this one. I hope they don't change it too much.

    Thanks for your response!
  7. Don't worry, I know how you feel. Honestly, if you are taking the straw tote back anyway, I'd get the Ergo tote. I talked myself out of the gallery tote, and it's all I can think about (as far as purses go..haha!)

    Anyway, thanks for responding!

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about which color I want...well, any color really. I would like to find the brown sig, black sig, or khaki/red trimmed.
  8. :flowers:
  9. They still have gallery totes at Macys and they have patent trim around me. I am sure they will be going on sale soon so check there soon.
  10. Thanks! I think they are 25% off now. But it would still come to $246 w/o tax...and I don't think DH would be happy about that since I just got the carly..haha. Thanks for your response!
  11. Have you thought about having a friend/family member check out the outlet for you, buying it and then you paying them back?
  12. You should try doing a charge send. Find an outlet that does have the gallery tote and put it on hold and tell them you want to do a charge send.

    Then go to your nearest Coach boutique since you are far from an outlet and have them call the outlet and fill out the paper work. A SA at the boutique will take an impression of your credit card and fax the paper work to the outlet. The SA at the outlet will then process your order and ship it to you.

    Oh and not all outlets will even agree to do this. They have different district regulations. So you might have to make quite a few calls to find someone to agree.
  13. Thanks! None of them have perfect ratings though. I am pretty scared about ebay....lol. So I always try to only bid in autions where the seller has 100% positive feedback....but I don't exactly know how all of that works. The last seller has 99.9% positive...is that good? haha...I dunno, I'm not really good w/ the ebay thing.
  14. I think 99% is good enough for me, but before I buy I always try to read through the last month's feeback or so.